He’s fleeing from another kingdom. What should I do?

2022.01.17 22:10 Agitated_Address2537 He’s fleeing from another kingdom. What should I do?

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2022.01.17 22:10 ewoodpark Soccer Saturday Made by the Fans! Scunthorpe United Fan Needed!

Greetings All! I am on the lookout for an OVERSEAS Scunthorpe United fan (in fact ALL EFL/Premier League fans) for an exciting LIVE video project. If you are able to watch the CLUB that you LOVE, can speak English and would like to help with the video project please get in touch! I will be hoping to have multiple people involved with the project so do not worry about being solo! This will be an exciting experience with plenty of drama! The project will be very similar to this https://youtu.be/F3m2zgiu-fg Buzz me back if you’re interested!
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2022.01.17 22:10 MossTourist12 What are some physical characteristics of a handsome man?

I know height is one and a strong jawline + being fit are also indicators but what are some other facial factors?
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2022.01.17 22:10 First-Olive-1181 GP100 vs SW686

Looking to get an all purpose revolver and these are my two top candidates. Can y’all help me decide? They both are damn good guns lol
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2022.01.17 22:10 Electrical-Monitor27 best endgame headphones

Hello everyone, I just decided that I am going to upgrade my Sennheiser HD600 to my end-game headphones and I am now asking for advice on what to buy.
Today, I have tried alot of endgame headphones like the LCD-5, Focal Utopia, HD800s, Hifiman Susvara and the Abyss Diana.
I came to the conclusion that I need something like the Focal Utopia but I would not want to kill my wallet by buying them. Are there any similar alternatives for less than 1000$ that don't kill my wallet?
As a reference, I hated the LCD-5's sound(I don't think I like planars), I liked the HD800s but according to me, the instrument separation isn't nearly as good as any of the focals (for example the Clear MG). I think that the Clear MG would be "the one" but I am unsure if their timbre and tonality is better than my HD600. I loved the Focal Celestee's look and sound but I am unsure about buying closed-backs as I want a good soundstage (Celestee's soundstage is better than HD600 in my opinion).
I have to decide now to spend at max 1200$ and decided on the Focal Celestee or the Focal clear MG but please tell me if I am missing out on something good under 1200.
I can get the Celestee for 969$ and the Clear MG for 1499$ but I am kind of biased to the Celestee for looks and isolation. Do you think it is worth buying closed-backs as endgame headphones?
(Power-wise I am settled with 3.5w@32ohm so no need for a good amp)
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2022.01.17 22:10 Possible_Ad_3826 It’s all about the mindset

I use to be upset losing friends left and right but honestly it’s just less people I’ll take care of when I’m at the top. I really had the mindset of bringing everyone with me. Oh well more money for me and my team. I like that people are laughing now it’ll just make it that much sweeter at the top. Thank you god for bringin me back to life and for those that stuck by me. I’ve been a zombie the last 6 years and it was only fun for the first 3. And to my new found “competition” good luck lmao 😁
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2022.01.17 22:10 WRpeacedragon20 Do people outside of the USA really know who Martin Luther King jr. is?

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2022.01.17 22:10 GameGeek1 [IL - 60030][WTB] Final Girl Camp Happy Trails, Vignette and Play Mats [H] PayPal

Looking to buy a couple things for Final Girl I’m missing. I need the Camp Happy Trails feature film expansion, Terror from Above Vignette, and the play mat set. I have PayPal ready.
I know the Kickstarter is happening now, so that is my backup, but hoping to get these sooner if possible.
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2022.01.17 22:10 Horror_Ad_5197 Pedro be like

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2022.01.17 22:10 mkhakanson 🅒🅡🅐🅩🅨 🅒🅗🅐🅢🅔

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2022.01.17 22:10 BlackGoldShooter I Was So Close.

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2022.01.17 22:10 CatGirlPenny_ Someone decided to put inappropriate things on this sub and i had the absolutely amazing idea to post about it here instead of reporting it

I’m majorly infuriating myself with my stupidity
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2022.01.17 22:10 jaymore69 Laurier BBA acceptances fall 2022

So basically I applied with an 83% my marks are 86,82,91,86,84, and 70. I go to a private school and we don’t have semesters so I’ll be taking these courses until the end of the year. I hope to get a 90-92 avg by the last submission of grades to OUAC in April. Hopefully I can make it happen. I’ll be commenting my average here in the February marks submission to show the progress.
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2022.01.17 22:10 loveisokay123 I don’t see the problem with love between an adult and teenager.

Let’s say there are two people… both female/girls. Let’s say one is in her mid 30s, the other is 16, almost 17.
What if they fell in love?
What if they never talked about anything sexual, but they just got to know each other online?
Honestly, what’s wrong with that?
What if the adult woman is well adjusted, successful, etc… but she might be on the spectrum a little, so she has a hard time making lasting connections.
Let’s say the teen is kind of like her.
And they find love in each other.
I just don’t see what the problem would be.
This hasn’t happened, but if it did what’s the problem? The teen could learn a lot from the woman she loves.
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2022.01.17 22:10 conspiracymanifesto Episode 15 Sleeper Agents?

Should we be worried about communism, spies, Russia, or hypnotism?? Frankly after this weeks rabbit hole, I might be 😬
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2022.01.17 22:10 Lizzypro OnlyFans

Hi! So glad to see you here! I'm Maya Foster and I'm a cute student who loves hot cocoa, cats and being too open on the internet 💕 I like to chat - talk to me about movies/music and very intimate 🔥 anytime;) I can't wait for you to come have fun with me! .SUBSCRIBE at lower price through the link below>>>>>>>https://onlyfans.com/mayafoster1
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2022.01.17 22:10 ductapegrl Commander Vimes is complete!

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2022.01.17 22:10 rackbottom 1000mg Night night

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2022.01.17 22:10 efosaking69 In 2019, Mbappe was pushing for Ndombele as they are close but Leonardo decided not to.

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2022.01.17 22:10 PastelBean18 How do you come with so many people invalidating asexuality?

I once again got into a small argument with some nobody online about the typical "asexuality is a mental illness" bs. I was my piece, blocked them, whatever. But... it's so tiring feeling like I have to justify myself and the community just for existing. I understand people not understanding the spectrum but don't tell us that we're broken or that we need help. I know that nobody else's opinions about you matter but how do you guys cope and live without feeling like maybe they're right?
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2022.01.17 22:10 1speed88 apparently scav bosses dont have stam

why dont they have stam wtf first no inertia now this bullshit. when they did that scav rework and added in the inertia system they shouldve made sure AI got that shit too. man literally ran a country mile to hunt my ass down https://streamable.com/71tfns
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2022.01.17 22:10 Deceptiveideas [Xbox] Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations are currently on sale, enhanced 60 FPS on Xbox Series X/S

$4.49 Sonic Unleashed
$4.99 Sonic Generations
Both some of the best Sonic games ever made with long quills. Worth replaying on Xbox Series especially Unleashed as you can’t play it 60 FPS elsewhere.
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2022.01.17 22:10 PoniesPlayingPoker It's been 7 months, and no, there is still no DuraForce Pro 2 software patch for the reboot cycle of hell.

Kyocera doesn't seem at all interested in addressing the issue, only that they'll replace your device for free with another phone with the same issue. I recommend everyone trade in their phones and switch to another rugged phone brand. The options are limited but frankly this "phone" literally can't be used as a phone.
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2022.01.17 22:10 wateredmark ELI5: What is DeFi?

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2022.01.17 22:10 ummidkhelloig i just got a 48/60 on our exam

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