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Omicron symptoms: What to look out for as doctor says new Covid variant completely different to Delta

2021.12.01 06:22 cityof_stars Omicron symptoms: What to look out for as doctor says new Covid variant completely different to Delta

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2021.12.01 06:22 sopalidisajnaco 🌳 TreedomCoins | Saving the earth | Fair Launched (no presale) | Community driven token | 📺 Paid marketing team | 🔒 Liquidity Locked for 10 years

Did you miss $SMOON or $STRAYINU. No worries because $TREEDOM will be the next big moonshot token! Our experienced team knows how to run the marketing and branding for tokens. Due to previous successful tokens ofcourse.
Next to the marketing, we strive to build a close and solid community on Telegram. Community is the foundation to grow! To keep communinty together, we will reward holders 2% of every transaction. So invest, hold and grow together! Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/treedomcoins
To build trust in our community, we locked the liquidity for 10 years and automatically feed the liquidity with 3% of every transaction. There will be always liquidity to stable the price to make it a low risk investment.
After all, we are a charity token. For every transaction we count 3% fee for saving the forest around the world.
​💬 JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP NOW: https://t.me/treedomcoins
Buy link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
Already listed on:
❤️ To charity: 3%
🤖 Automatic liquidity: 3%
🔥 Initial burn: 10%
📺 Marketing: 2%
🏆 Holder reward: 2%
💰 Max supply:100,000,000,000
🔒 Locked Liquidity: 80%
Buy link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/treedomcoins
📃Contract: 0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
🌐 Website: https://www.treedomcoins.com
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2021.12.01 06:22 No-Neighborhood-1486 A6 c4 insta darijus_

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2021.12.01 06:22 esberat Europe ft. USA today.

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2021.12.01 06:22 135686492y4 "I am not cis, i am CIS secxual"

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2021.12.01 06:22 DeeSnow97 [No Spoilers] Chasefield by Leisha Riddel

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2021.12.01 06:22 iredditireddit Can I legally park across a driveway if it is bordered up and abandoned?

There is a yellow line too.
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2021.12.01 06:22 Stupid-Dolphin I don't want to just sit on the Bandwagon so I tried to find all the Cons about crypto.com. Here's what I found.

I have been researching CRO and have came across these issues.
Token distribution sources are hard to find and cross-check, the closest I have is the info on coinmarketcap which I usually try to cross check. The wallet address that coinmarketcap says holds the 5% supply of all existing token, which was allocated to particle B, does not match with the address assigned to Particle B in the whitepaper same goes for the "Network Long-Term Incentives" allocation. Moreover the crypto.org explorer page does not have a holders/accounts section, I cant even see who the top token holders are or search any wallet addresses on their own explorer.
I did a background check on the top peeps of crypto.com namely
Kris Marszalek Co-Founder & CEO,
Rafael Melo, CPA Co-Founder & CFO,
Gary Or Co-Founder & Founder of Particle B and
Bobby Bao Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Development. Except for Bobby Bao all worked previously in a company named Ensogo which went under in 2016 where Kris was the CEO. It shutdown abruptly leaving a lot of retailers hanging and losing loads of money.
Active addresses per day are only 1-3% of the total addresses. Plus little to no info on Messari and Binance Research which I use to get info on a project.
The code is open source but has not been audited yet.
I would appreciate any answers to these questions. I do NOT have a grudge towards crypto.com, this post is only for educating others and finding answers. Thanks
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2021.12.01 06:22 Hugolino84 Drop from 252.20 to 196.21 with a 8.68m volume. Yes, the price is wrong bitch! 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.12.01 06:22 gbadolite World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say

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2021.12.01 06:22 SamuAnaniziMiSikti Buda sonuncusuydu bu seriyi baya özlemişim

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2021.12.01 06:22 FashionToy What is your reflections dream in a year?

10$ per billion would be my dream! amazing side income
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2021.12.01 06:22 KUUSOKUZESHIKI Am I shadowbanned?

AM I!?
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2021.12.01 06:22 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.01 06:22 Beginning_Effective5 Rocd or denial

Hello! I suddenly feelt a change in feelings towards my partner after we had spent the weekend. I didnt miss her and feelt like i didnt care when she wrote stuff etc. That made me really worried and anxious. I didnt want this to happend so i googled every where to find out what was happening. Then i met her and still didnt feel anything, which caused anxiety because i feelt fake and didnt want this to happend. The anxiety keept on getting worse as i met her the next few times. Then she noticed and this led us to breaking up. After the breakup i feelt so devastated, which led to us trying again for 10 days. I still didnt feel anything so we broke up. Now its been two months but im worried that it was ROCD that caused it. Or im just not wanting to accept the fact that i fell out of love.
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2021.12.01 06:22 strwberrie help pls

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2021.12.01 06:22 InternalTrain7963 Ive ‘Eleven’ showcase stage video (IVE ‘ELEVEN’ SHOWCASE STAGE)

Ive ‘Eleven’ showcase stage video (IVE ‘ELEVEN’ SHOWCASE STAGE)
The debut showcase to commemorate the release of the group IVE's first single album 'ELEVEN' was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of December 1.

On this day, IVE members Ahn Yu-jin, Gaul, Lay, Jang Won-young, Liz, and Lee Seo are performing the stage of the new song 'ELEVEN'.

The title song 'ELEVEN' is a pop dance song with minimal but energetic, rhythmic and various variations.
먹튀,먹튀검증,먹튀검증사이트,먹튀신고,먹튀제보,먹튀 사이트
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2021.12.01 06:22 Bwr630 No Fix for External Audio Issue

Completely unacceptable that the developers have not fixed the audio halving. If I’m not mistaken, the issue has been around since before the Autumn/Tanooki Tour.
Anyone else ready to abandon? Not being able to listen to music at full volume while playing MKT is upsetting to no end.
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2021.12.01 06:22 Bonus1Fact Greg Hunt is 'one of the brighter people that has ever been elected' ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.12.01 06:22 Mandarin1928 number of infected people

The average number of people infected with coronavirus in Japan per week was 97.
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2021.12.01 06:22 Esist1996 What is something completely normal nowadays that never ceases to amaze you?

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2021.12.01 06:22 Level_Ad_9518 🌌 $SHIBALAXY ~ Get Shiba to the moon and beyond! ~ Just launched ~ Ownership renounced & liq locked | Dont Miss Out !

$SHIBALAXY is currently sitting at $10k market cap at the time of this post, but no doubt it will have risen since then. The token is growing at an increasing rate due to the website launch and rapidly growing community.

Hodlers are rewarded with this token, so the earlier you get in, the better. The tokenomics are written below, so it's recommended you get yourself familiar with those before getting into the coin.


✅ 7% Redistributed To All Holders
✅ 1% Automatic Liquidity Pool Refill
✅ 2% Marketing
✅ SAFU: Liquidity Locked 100%

Verified Contract: 0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x83A0b3a530666F88A03F680d1673D37C0261bCCF
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3#readContract
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2021.12.01 06:22 Spylandfr Accidentally almost killed my dog-warning/advice needed

I couldn’t afford to get my dog’s skin tags removed at the vet (1200$ or more). But they keep getting bigger and have gotten cut open before while he was playing outside and I didn’t want infection. Before I finish writing about this I want to say I decided to just leave them alone from now on as they are harmless and I’ll deal with the cuts as they come.
So I found an article (I’ve since found several that say the same) saying to put concentrated tea tree oil on them twice a day for awhile until it falls off. So I soaked a cotton ball in tea tree oil and applied it to 4 skin tags including one on his cheek! Thankfully a friend later that day told me essential oils are toxic and to not do it again. But I didn’t until today realize how bad it was.
I got curious and looked into more. I found that just a few drops of tea tree oil can cause paralysis and death! I’m extremely upset I could have cut my son’s life so short by not doing further research. I stupidly listened to these shit articles saying it’s perfectly safe and natural and non toxic to dogs. And these articles were saying to apply in concentrated forms multiple times a day for weeks! I tried linking/and posting screenshots of the articles to warn others not to fall for it but its not allowed. It was 3 articles I found saying how its safe, natural, and to apply generously.
It has been a week and I’ve since given him two baths. One like a day or two after application but I don’t think I did a thorough enough job. And another one today after doing that research.
He hasn’t showed any signs of illness and has been very energetic/happy all week thank god but I’m worried he will die any second now. I started giving him chicken and rice.
Do you think I should take him to the vet or are we in the clear as its been a week without signs of illness?
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2021.12.01 06:22 FallCompetitive7976 01-December I am still here

It is 01-December 09:22. I am frustrated.
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2021.12.01 06:22 N3WBUYYY Soooo i think this is true

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