Superfast orgasm and erection problem after that

2021.12.01 06:11 MarcoRuggiero Superfast orgasm and erection problem after that

Good morning guys and excuse me in advance if my english will be bad but it's not my language. I have a question for y'all: by the end of october i broke up with my girlfriend after a 5 years relationship. I always lurked this community and sometimes ive been into no fap with 15 20 day streak, just feeling super great. Now after the end of my relationship i started no fap again and i never jacked off since 29 october. Now whats the problem? The problem is that yesterday i tryied to have sex with a girl and i had an orgasm after something like 30 seconds, with a total impossibility to take my dude back up again even after 20 more mins of kissing etc. Now my question is.. did this never happen to somebody of you? After the first time it happens, having sex again will be normal like it was before? Thank you.
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2021.12.01 06:11 heybrandon This was about 6 years ago when I went to go look at some pups… I wasn’t expecting to bring any home so I didn’t have the proper transportation for them but I made it work

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2021.12.01 06:11 Bitcoin_is_plan_A Chinese Cybersecurity Firm Says It Has Built Crypto Mining Monitoring Software to Support Crackdown

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2021.12.01 06:11 StazCherryBlood When NNN ends and its DDD

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2021.12.01 06:11 idek-Luke How’d this happen lol, got rich outa nowhere. This an event thing

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2021.12.01 06:11 dekudeals Just Dance 2020 – $22.00 (45% off)

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2021.12.01 06:11 Soumajeetb Dog playing juggling fetch

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2021.12.01 06:11 nivh_de „Es besteht die Chance, entfernt zu werden, wenn der eigentliche Job getan ist“ - Wie Teslas Top-Leute aus der deutschen Autoindustrie Elon Musks Hire-and-Fire-Mentalität kennenlernen

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2021.12.01 06:11 Jolly_Antelope1570 Pedro El Guedro spanish conquistador

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2021.12.01 06:11 SlippersEC The Supremes- I Hear A Symphony

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2021.12.01 06:11 farris1115 Should I buy factorio

I have been thinking about buying factorio. It looks like a fun game.
For context I like games that are: automation games like satisfactory and simulation/management games like cities skylines.
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2021.12.01 06:11 palm_treezzz I had nothing to post but yet I did so I did post what I had and now Im posting it and your gonna like it

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2021.12.01 06:11 N8ATULive Manga Spoilers / Meta: This Sanji-King stuff has gotten some people really toxic. Stop being toxic.

Alright so before this, just off the top of my head, there was the Sanji DF book thing... everyone was brazenly anti-anyone who mentioned it. That was literally 110% of Whole Cake Island teased before it happened.
BB No-sleep theory man. Got absolutely hated for like a decade. Moment they bring up BB again in the flashback they all shut tf up real quick.
Sanji and King... this is watching the toxic spew out real time.
People are going around with a couple theories that are all immediately being shot down. To me this is funny because in this specific case, this is less of a theory, and more “only a theory in name” because it’s been so heavily hinted at, just not flat out said. There’s some sort of connection between King and Sanji that’s mentioned like every other panel this entire Sanji mini-arc.
Don’t shoot at me for that bold text above. I know, I’m a radical theorizer for that one. Quick, back to One Piece...

Sanji: I’m not a monster like Ki-
King: My people the Lunarians, from the moon, were absolute monsters. Who are you? You’re blonde like me.
Sanji: Oh hey, my name is Black Leg Sanji, I randomly conjure fire and I don’t really know why I do it. By the way my dad experimented on me and he’s from a family of Vinsmokes who revere themselves as gods for some reason
King: My people are black and conjure fire and are gods for some reason. And I have a weird black mask.
Sanji: That reminds me of the time my dad used to make me wear a weird black mask, made the camera come in really close to draw attention to it, and for some strange reason, he also wears a mask himself.

[Random KOH commercial]
The point is like... what the actual fuck? This seems like a projection of a bigger problem. Why do you all hate theorizing in One Piece when these things are like integral to the manga. Oda loves to hint at shit and world build. It’s why everyone has stayed on. And in this case, he’s not being that secretive about it like he has other times.
Stop being jackasses to people who theorize like it’s being ruined by people theorizing. Especially when this is a case of so many theorizers actually going on to be right. Y’all must have recently gotten out of a toxic relationship with Rick and Morty. Stay single.
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2021.12.01 06:11 Erling01 Can I take a year study in Spain? Lowest I can find is 3 years

I wanna study 1 year in Spain instead if doing an entire bachelor. Is this possible? I've tried looking around, but I cannot find any info about it. In Norway, a year study is very normal because some people do a year study for their hobby interests and the bachelomaster for what they actually wanna work as. Is this just simply not possible in Spain?
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2021.12.01 06:11 SmileSong Sexual Walkabout. We spend the next three months alone doing every depraved thing we can think of with as many people as we can and if this, right now, is still the happiest we can make ourselves, we'll stay together forever.

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2021.12.01 06:11 PsErfan [PS4] H: W:

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2021.12.01 06:11 BluejayNo6051 Dave's proven formula for making money online

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2021.12.01 06:11 GoodbyeNarcissists Assisted dying: at what age - should there be one - should a person be to make that decision?

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2021.12.01 06:11 Theapostille Marriage Certificate Apostille

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2021.12.01 06:11 PainAdministrative35 Amazing smart home ideas for small living space #smartfurniture #fantastic

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2021.12.01 06:11 sins_seraph my short horror story abt trans werewolves got featured on a podcast!

check it out here! i'm a trans man, and i thought like . . . while there's a lot of horror that does to some extent include trans people, it's usually as like. a shock value thing, and most often about trans women, without ever considering the pov of the trans person involved. as an avid horror fan, i feel like there's a lot of potential for writing about trans people in horror that doesn't do that kind of shit, so that's what i aimed for! it's one of my first og horror stories, so i'm really glad that it got picked up by a podcast i like, even if it's a small one, and i thought some of you all might be interested, if you're horror fans yourselves.
tell me what you think, if you do check it out!
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2021.12.01 06:11 7238470000asdas Which S4 Class&Build would be a strong key farmer out of the gate?

I would like to help my group by farming keys. Which class and build would do you think is efficient at the beginning of the ladder(first 3 days) with lowest amount of investment?
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2021.12.01 06:11 PinxxDeath I am attached to my parents.

I have a small issue. Since I was small, me and my parents used to do everything together, they were very young when they had me (around 23y), and they devoted all their time to me - a single child until I was 12yrs old (now 21).
We went everywhere, we shared everything, they were always approachable and ready to listen. They helped me alot. I’ve become very independent and good with money, because of them. They are my bestfriends, and they don’t get mad for anything.
Now the problem is, I get very sad, and very guilty when I cannot be with them for example for lunch, or if they go out for a trip or something. I have a full time job, I work late sometimes. They never made me feel guilty for not doing things with them. But it’s become a problem for me. I can’t go out, to lunch or whatever without feeling guilty.
I am planning to move out soon, but i fear that I won’t be able to let go and will become homesick. Does anyone have any advice how to overcome this guilt?
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2021.12.01 06:11 InternalTrain7963 Director Im Hyeon-mook x Park Jong-hwan x Ki Joo-bong, check out the daily life of unknown novelist Gubo at the theater

Processing img 3b1mkdfvdw281...
The media distribution preview of the movie 'A Day in the Novelist Gubo' was held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul on the afternoon of December 1.

Actors Park Jong-hwan, Ki Joo-bong, and Im Hyun-mook, director, attended.

In the movie 'A Day in the Novelist Gubo', the unknown novelist Gubo, who insists on his world of work and writes, meets people.
It is a movie depicting the daily life of having a new will and hope.
먹튀,먹튀검증,먹튀검증사이트,먹튀신고,먹튀제보,먹튀 사이트
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2021.12.01 06:11 EvenAnonStillAwkward On adding a hint of chocolate flavor

Kind of just a basic question, but I was thinking of trying to make a pomegranate mead with a hint of chocolate flavor, but I'm not entirely sure what the best way of going about adding the chocolate flavor would be.

Is it as simple as adding some coco nibs to the batch in primary?
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