real unlife sucks

2021.10.28 13:25 Obtuse_Mongoose real unlife sucks

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2021.10.28 13:25 j0hn13 All that pain just for this?

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2021.10.28 13:25 don-p1etro Tony was too good to Chrissy

People love to complain about how Tony is this selfish psychopath who only cares about himself. Just look at the way he was such a great father figure to Christopher and the nice things he did to help him until the end.

  1. He always was concerned about his drug use and setup his intervention, and always warning him and checking on his bad habit.
  2. He got him made even though without tony he is just a zero with shoes.
  3. Tony refused advances from his gf. So what he was with her at 2 o’clock in the morning, they were just scoring coke so she can clean his messy apartment. His fault for being such an insecure paranoid average looking guy and causing a scene. And Tony still gave him a pass for shooting up his car.
  4. When his girlfriend couldn’t do 5 years and chose to be a rat, he got rid of his problem.
  5. And finally after all the concern and warnings from his uncle about his drug use what does Chris do? He gets behind the wheel intoxicated! So he had to do what he did to protect his family! FFs Caitlyn could have been in the back of that car. Tony was just looking out for Chrissy’s daughter. I know the cynics will just say oh he only cared for Caitlyn’s wellbeing as she is his future employee in the bing.. You guys make me sick!
The guy was a saint!
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2021.10.28 13:25 Jolly_Position_599 🔥 Hybrid Shiba | Just Launched | True GEM | Anti-scam | Huge potential

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LP Locked:
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2021.10.28 13:25 clockwisecarrot Memory Cue - Help

I've been dabbling with CDJs and come up against a few annoyances with my playlists that include memory cues for me own reference
I have text on the memory cues, but can't see what they say on the CDJ display - is this possible?
Also the CDJ jumps to the first memory cue when freshly loaded, so I have to wheel back to the start of the track which is annoying. Do I have to set memory cues at the start of each track to get around this or is there something in rekordbox I'm missing?
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2021.10.28 13:25 City_of_Edgerton Question about show times at The Annex

I have tickets to a concert tonight at The Annex. The lineup is 6 different artists but I'm only interested in seeing the headliner.
My ticket says: Thursday, October 28, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CDT)
Does this mean the show is over at 10:00? That seems very early to me. If this isn't right and the headliner actually goes on at midnight, I won't want to show up at 7 and spend five hours in there waiting around. Any idea when shows at The Annex end, or how to interpret this ticket? Thanks!
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2021.10.28 13:25 evolvesustain why net zero carbon capture contraptions are absurd

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2021.10.28 13:25 Nyxtro Two tickets available for NJ/Starland show

Hey so I stupidly bought these tickets without checking my calendar and I can't make the show. (Gonna go to the NYC instead!). If anyone wants to buy them it came out to $80 for the pair, I'd happily xfer the two over to you. Thanks!! <3 Enjoy the tour so excited!!!!
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2021.10.28 13:25 ThreeCommasClub SB177 | Education (Scotland) Bill | Stage 1 Vote

Order, Order.
We move now to our next item of Business, a Stage 1 Debate on SB177 in the name of the 15th Scottish Government. The question is that this Parliament approves of the general principles of the Education (Scotland) Bill.
Education (Scotland) Bill 2021 An Act of the Scottish Parliament to establish the Attainment Gap and reporting requirements surrounding it, to amend previous education related acts, to introduce Pupil Premium into primary legislation, to expand its provisions, to ensure that Apprentices may be safeguarded.
Section 1: Definitions
(1) In this Act;
(2) The ‘2020 Act’ refers to the Education (Scotland) Act 2020
(3) ‘Pupil Premium’ refers to an award given under Section 5.
(4) Unless specified otherwise, ‘school’ refers to a state-maintained school as funded by a local authority or directly by the Scottish Government.
(5) ‘Primary School Pupil’ refers to any registered pupil in P1 to P7, inclusive, at a Scottish school.

(a) Subsequently, ‘Primary School’ refers to a school that deals with education in P1 to P7, inclusive.
(6) ‘Secondary School Pupil’ refers to any registered pupil in S1 to S6, inclusive, at a Scottish school.
(a) Subsequently, ‘Secondary School’ refers to a school that deals with education in S1 to S6 inclusive.
(7) ‘Government aid’ refers to state-funded assistance to a pupil or their immediate family.
(8) ‘Attainment Gap’ refers to the definition as established under Section 2(1)
(9) A laptop is any device that can be connected to the internet for research purposes and also use ‘desktop publishing software’. At present these can include, but not exclusively, devices that run Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux, iOS and Android.
(10) ‘College’ shall refer to the education institution that an Apprentice attends as part of the non-practical portion of their education
(a) In the event that an Apprentice attends a secondary school for the non-practical portion of their education, ‘college’ shall still be the applicable word.
(11) ‘Apprentice Supervisor’ refers to an employee at a college (as established above) as established under Section 9(1).
Section 2: Attainment Gap
(1) The attainment gap refers to the divide in education between pupils eligible for government aid and those not.
(a) This divide may include, but is not limited to, and does not always mean;
(i) Qualification attainment
(ii) Progression in general education.
(iii) Future careers
(2) Schools shall be responsible for measuring the attainment gap and making annual reports on it.
(a) The school must make clear what metrics they are using to measure the gap.
(b) The information reported must ensure that anonymity of students is protected.
(c) Where a school may struggle to measure one part of the gap (for instance, careers after leaving the school) they shall not be required to include it in their report.
(i) In the event that they can measure it with respect to some students and not others, they may (but are under no obligation to) declare the statistics they have available.
(ii) Wherein there may be information identifying the student(s) included in the statistics, the school must take steps to ensure that this information is redacted to protect anonymity
(1) If this information cannot be redacted without not including it at all, the school must not include it at all.
(d) This report must be made available to:
(i) The Scottish Government
(ii) The Local Authority within which the school is considered.
(iii) the general public
(3) Schools must make an active attempt to reduce the attainment gap internally.
(a) Schools may make recommendations to their local authority or to the Scottish Government outlining where they feel they require further assistance.
(b) Where a school does make recommendations, no local authority nor Scottish Government is obliged to act upon them.
(c) These attempts may also be reported as under Section 2(2d), though there shall be no requirement for this.
Section 3: Amendments to the 2020 Act
(1) Replace Section 4's title with “Target for Qualifications upon Leaving School.
(2) Insert in Section 4(1):
A SCQF Level 5 Qualification in a modern foreign language.
This does not apply if English is not the pupil’s first language.
(3) Insert after Section 4(4):
(5) Schools must make reasonable attempt, in line with the remainder of this section, to ensure that pupils achieve a SCQF Level 5 qualification in a, or multiple, science(s), but it shall not be a requirement.
(4) The provisions of this section so far do not apply to current Secondary School Pupils; when the first year of current Primary School Pupils enters Secondary School, it shall begin to apply to them.
Section 4: Miscellaneous Amendments
(1) In the Class Sizes Limit (Scotland) Act 2021, amend as follows:
(a) In Section 3(1), amend to read “If a school believes they have a valid reason for an exemption they may apply to the relevant Scottish Minister for an exemption.”
(b) Append after Section 3(1):
(a) The school may also contact the local authority which has responsibility for them, who may lobby the Scottish Government on their behalf.
(c) Strike Section 1(2)
(d) Amend Section 2(2) to read “Schedule 1 may be amended through the negative procedure via an order by the relevant Scottish Minister.”
(2) In the Schools (LGBT+ Education) (Scotland) Act 2020, amend as follows:
(a) Append after Section 1(1)
(a) This guidance may be given in the negative procedure by the relevant Scottish Minister.
Section 5: Pupil Premium
(1) The Education (Pupil Premium) Regulations 2019 are hereby revoked.
(a) Any items revoked or overturned by these regulations shall remain revoked or overturned.
(2) Scottish Ministers, by way of a budget, shall determine an amount to be paid to schools per pupil eligible for government aid.
(a) This number may be varied depending on whether the pupil is a primary school pupil or a secondary school pupil.
(b) The relevant Scottish Minister may, by an order in the affirmative procedure, amend who is eligible to receive Pupil Premium
(i) The updated eligible recipients shall not be eligible until such time as a budget is passed outlining the determined funds they are to receive.
(ii) The order may be presented alongside the budget.
(3) The amount paid in pupil premium shall be the number of pupils at any given school who are eligible for government aid multiplied by the amount set in section 5(2).
(4) No school shall use funds paid for any of the following purposes:
(a) A monetary payment to any pupil
(i) The exception to this is to enable a pupil to take part in a school trip they would otherwise have been unable to.
(b) A monetary payment to any member of staff
(c) The purchase of sporting equipment for exclusive or primary use by school sports teams.
(d) Any other purpose deemed inconsistent with reducing the attainment gap.
Section 6: Pupil Premium (Laptops)
(1) Students shall be loaned a laptop owned by the school for the purpose of completing work at home and developing cultural capital by the school for the duration of their studies in Secondary School.
(a) Students shall be eligible if they have no computer at home, and are eligible for any form of Pupil Premium.
(2) These laptops shall remain the property of the schools throughout the scheme
(a) Schools may ask for a reasonable deposit, of no more than 10% of the purchasing cost of the device, as a protection against damage/loss/theft.
(b) Schools should ensure reasonable insurance is in place to ensure that damage/loss/theft does not come at material cost to the school or the student’s family in question beyond the reasonable deposit.
(c) In the event that maintenance may be required, the school ought to ensure that the student is not affected by this.
(i) This can take the form of supplying the student with a replacement laptop.
(ii) The school may also elect to perform the maintenance at a time when the laptop is not necessary for learning, eg during a lunch break or a holiday.
(iii) The student has a right to refuse a particular time or date on which the maintenance is to be performed, provided that:
(1) The maintenance is not essential and urgent
(2) The student suggests an alternative time or date that is suitable for the school.
(3) Laptops may be issued to students from the start of Secondary School or the point they fit the aforementioned criteria.
(4) Laptops must be returned to schools at the point in which the student's registration is transferred or terminated.
(a) Schools can choose to sell the devices at the depreciated market value of the device at the point the student leaves the school.
(5) Schools may choose to extend this scheme to all of their pupils should they choose to properly fund the capital costs if their existing budgets allow.
(6) The minimum specifications of the laptop are as follows;
(a) The laptop must not cost less than £350
(b) The laptop must be compatible with the school’s systems
(c) The laptop must have appropriate levels of parental control or other forms of strict filtering to prevent harmful content.
Section 7: Pupil Premium (Armed Forces)
(1) There shall exist a fund of Pupil Premium paid to schools for children of armed forces members.
(a) This fund shall be kept separate from regular Pupil Premium funds
(b) The pupil premium will be supplied if one, or both, of the pupil’s parents are active servicepeople.
(2) This fund shall be for the sole purpose of reducing the Attainment Gap as defined under Section 2 for all students who are children of armed forces servicepeople.
(3) Students must, on transfer or otherwise entering, declare to their school that they are the child of one or more active servicepeople.
(a) The school may then contact the Scottish Government to request access to the Armed Forces Pupil Premium at the rate established by the most recent Scottish Budget.
(b) On transfer or otherwise termination of an eligible pupil’s registration, the school must declare that they shall no longer receive the Armed Forces Pupil Premium for that pupil.
(i) Failure to do so may result in sanctions as decided by the relevant Scottish Minister.
(ii) These sanctions may not include financial sanctions imposed upon the school institution
(c) The payments shall commence from one month after notification.
Section 8: Pupil Premium (Young Carers)
(1) There shall exist a fund of Pupil Premium paid to schools for students who are also young carers.
(a) They may have care for:
(i) An elderly family member
(ii) A younger sibling
(iii) An older sibling with a disability.
(iv) A disabled individual.
(v) A parent in the final stages of their life.
(b) The above list is not exhaustive.
(i) The relevant Scottish Minister may, by order in the negative procedure, amend the above list to include any further examples of individuals the young carer may be caring for.
(c) This fund shall be kept separate from regular pupil premium.
(2) This fund shall be for the sole purpose of reducing the Attainment Gap as defined under Section 2 for all students who have care for another individual.
(3) Students must, on becoming eligible or otherwise registering at the school, declare to their school that they are a carer of an individual as defined by Section 8(1).
(a) The school may then contact the Scottish Government to request access to the Young Carers Pupil Premium at the rate established by the most recent Scottish Budget.
(b) On transfer or otherwise termination of an eligible pupil’s registration, the school must declare that they shall no longer receive the Young Carers Pupil Premium for that pupil.
(i) Failure to do so may result in sanctions as decided by the relevant Scottish Minister.
(ii) These sanctions may not include financial sanctions imposed upon the school institution
(c) The payments shall commence from one month after notification.
Section 9: Apprenticeship Safeguards
(1) There shall exist at all Colleges within Scotland that offer an apprenticeship a dedicated individual, or multiple, to safeguard Apprentices.
(a) This individual may be an existing member of staff or one may be hired expressly for this purpose.
(b) All apprentices must be made aware of:
(i) The identity of the Apprentice Supervisor
(ii) The role of the Apprentice Supervisor
(iii) The location of the Apprentice Supervisor (ie an office)
(iv) How to contact the Apprentice Supervisor.
(v) How the college ensures apprentices are aware of the above is the responsibility of the college.
(c) This individual shall be trusted to deal with potentially sensitive information.
(2) ‘Valid Reason’ (as written) shall be considered as:
(a) Discrimination on the basis of (non-exhaustive):
(i) Race
(ii) Age
(iii) Sex
(iv) Gender
(v) Sexuality
(vi) Mental health issues
(b) Breach of contract
(c) Illegal activities
(d) Deliberate placement of Apprentice in harm’s way without any required equipment or safety gear
(e) As deemed essential by the Apprentice Supervisor.
(3) An Apprentice may contact the Apprentice Supervisor at any time with concerns regarding their placement
(a) The Apprentice Supervisor must respond to the initial contact within a week of the Apprentice raising concerns.
(4) If the Apprentice Supervisor has reason to believe there is Valid Reason that the Apprentice is at risk at their workplace, they must seek to intervene.
(a) This intervention could include, but is not limited to:
(i) Direct intervention by the Apprentice Supervisor
(ii) Lodging a complaint with the company the Apprentice works at
(iii) Taking legal action on behalf of the Apprentice
(1) This shall come at no cost to the Apprentice
(2) The college may seek financial recourse from the local authority or the Scottish Government for assistance.
(3) The college may also fund the legal action in whole or in part.
(a) In the event that legal action is successful, the college may request recourse from the opposing employer to reimburse legal costs.
(4) The Apprentice may also seek financial compensation as part of the settlement
(b) The intervention must be measured and in response to the risk and Valid Reason.
(5) In the event successful intervention occurs, the Apprentice is not permitted to be dismissed by their workplace.
(a) If the workplace makes attempt to dismiss the Apprentice on the basis of the intervention, this action may be legally challenged.
(b) The challenge may be submitted by the Apprentice Supervisor.
(6) Throughout the process of intervention, the Apprentice Supervisor must ensure that the Apprentice is aware of the ongoing situation.
(a) This must include the facts as they are
(b) The Apprentice Supervisor must ensure the Apprentice is contacted at least once per week with relation to the intervention.
(i) In the event the intervention has not progressed, the Apprentice must still be made aware of this.
(ii) The Apprentice Supervisor may delay contacting the Apprentice if they have reason to believe that doing so will ensure that within 24 hours there will be further information.
(iii) The maximum gap between contact must be at most two weeks.
(iv) If the Apprentice Supervisor has not made contact, the Apprentice has an obligation to report this to management at the College who may pass this information on.
(v) A week is considered to be Monday to Sunday inclusive.
Section 10: Short Title
(1) This Act may be cited as the Education (Scotland) Act 2021
Section 11: Commencement
(1) This Act shall come into force immediately upon Royal Assent; except
(2) Section 3, which shall come into force at the beginning of the next school year after June 2022.
(a) Section 3(1) shall come into force immediately upon Royal Assent
(3) Sections 5, 6, 7, and 8, which shall come into force upon the enactment of the next budget that contains provisions to fund these sections.
(4) Section 9(1) is to come into force immediately upon Royal Assent, but the remaining subsections are to come into force three months after Royal Assent.
This Bill was submitted by the Rt. Hon. Sir Frost_Walker2017, the Viscount Felixstowe, the Lord Leiston GCMG CT MVO PC MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education, on behalf of the 15th Scottish Government, and is sponsored by New Britain.
Opening Speech:
Presiding Officer,
I rise to present this bill to this Parliament. It is a long bill, certainly, but one that achieves a great many of our promises in the Programme for Government. In the 14th Scottish Government’s PfG, they promised a total of 12 things in the education section - in ours, we promised 10 (one having been cut for having been done, and one cut for having been considered impractical). One bill submitted this term completes one promise, and this completes four. A statutory instrument takes the total number up to six things of ten done. We have truly thrown away the handbrake on education in this country as we power ahead.
With your consent, I shall go through and identify the purpose of each section of this bill.
I do not need to explain the purpose of the definitions section, so shall move straight onto section 2. This deals with the attainment gap and providing requirements to reduce it and report on it, with the aim of overall reducing it and identifying what measures worked to then be taken and applied elsewhere, alongside considering what did not work and thus avoid those measures. Of course, every school is different, and I do expect different results from this, and where some may find some measures useful others may find them useless. It is a case of learning more generally.
Section 3 increases the requirement for leaving schools with qualifications. As a must, we add in one modern foreign language, and as an ought we add in a science. The reason for a must is that in our increasingly digitalised and interconnected world, we are seeing that employers focus on skills, and learning another language is one skill that is often overlooked. Furthermore, it’s been shown time and time again that people learn language better when they’re younger as compared to the older they get - therefore, making it a requirement for students to leave school with a language ensures that they learn it at the right time. Adding a science in as an ought is helpful for ensuring that students learn more of the world around them, but as different futures require different tools it is not a must - a student who wants to teach philosophy, for instance, does not require a knowledge of how a plant’s internal operations are arranged.
Section 4 tidies up some miscellaneous items from previous acts relating to education. In particular, it clears up some confusion - for instance, section 1(2) and section 2(2) in the Class Size Limits Act conflict, as it says that schedule 1 can be amended in both the positive and negative procedure. It also clarifies the procedure for issuing guidance on LGBT+ lessons.
Section 5 takes the Pupil Premium regulations, currently in secondary legislation, into primary legislation, whilst also condensing the two rates of secondary education into one. It also tweaks the original SI by permitting further modifications of the eligible recipients by statutory instrument. We do not currently have an estimate for the cost, as this will be presented in the budget.
Section 6 takes inspiration from B1145, the Educational Attainment Gap Reduction Act, as passed by Westminster, to make for the provision of laptops to students eligible for Pupil Premium. We clarify some of the rules surrounding maintenance of the device. We estimate approximately £16m for this, taking 44,502 students as the number of eligible recipients at £350 each.
Section 7 expands on Pupil Premium by introducing a fund for children of armed forces. This is designed to ensure they are not left behind by consistently moving around the country and to ensure they get the best education possible. I am a firm proponent that not one child should have to lose out on education as a result of their parents’ choices. I cannot yet offer a cost for this either, as it will be decided and implemented in the upcoming budget.
Section 8 also expands in Pupil Premium by introducing a fund for young carers. This is designed to ensure that they are not left behind by having to look after an individual. Sometimes students do not have a choice in whether to begin taking care of somebody, and I do not wish to see them punished or left behind by factors outside of their control. Indeed, even if they took care of somebody entirely by choice, there is likely a reason that the student felt they had to, rather than look into another carer.
Section 9 seeks to implement safeguards for Apprentices in the workplace beyond what normal employees are entitled to. By establishing a figure (or figures) who are responsible for protecting Apprentices at the college they attend for the non-practical portion, we ensure that items of concern can’t get lost in the bureaucracy of education institutions. Furthermore, it ensures that support is provided for an Apprentice who may be unaware of precisely what courses of action they have available to them. The list of potential interventions is, I stress, not exhaustive, meaning that an Apprentice Supervisor may take the action they deem appropriate and in line with the concern of the Apprentice.
Presiding Officer, this is a great bill that builds upon the work of my predecessors in the role of Education Minister in Scotland. I urge all members to support this bill so as to ensure that our children have the best education they possibly can.
Voting on this bill ends with the close of Business on October 31st, at 10pm BST.
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2021.10.28 13:25 Desdinova_64 Rusty Sword Transfer

Looking for someone to trade my rusty sword with so I can transfer it to a new game. Thanks
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2021.10.28 13:25 ballsdeepinmysleep Not sure if this was part of the new HUD showcase so forgive me if it's been pointed out, but it looks like they've updated to always show firing mode. Thank goodness.

Not sure if this was part of the new HUD showcase so forgive me if it's been pointed out, but it looks like they've updated to always show firing mode. Thank goodness. submitted by ballsdeepinmysleep to battlefield2042 [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 13:25 balboaeve Adults of Reddit, which financial tips do you wish you knew when you were 20?

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2021.10.28 13:25 King_WhatsHisName Careful what you wish for

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2021.10.28 13:25 giorgifolio After Effects CC 2022 Crashes on PC and Mac

Hi, i have Creative Cloud After Effects 2022 (latest update) on my PC and Macbook Pro M1:
Problem is that when i drop some videos and start to JUST change transform options and so on... ONLY the comopsioion frezzes: for example i can do anything but play video and space button becomes MOVE tool... video wont play even after i push play button with mouse. After all this when i try to exit software it glitches and im "Force Qutting" it.
if ur having/had same problems or know how to resolve it please SOS...
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2021.10.28 13:25 turtleycool38 Would you think someone was weak for being more emotional than other people or if they cried around other people?

Do you think crying lowers a person's mental strength etc.
View Poll
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2021.10.28 13:25 TittiMoncher69 How do I protect sniper scopes?

I’m getting my first sniper and idk whether to get a normal protector or DIY or smthn this is probably a stupid question.
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2021.10.28 13:25 ThatBrownBoy420 American RW propaganda on Social media?

Hi all, I'm a young adult from India. I have only interacted with US politics in the form of a few sporadic comments here on the posts in this subreddit. As of late, I'm seeing a lot of US political content on my SM feed. Stuff like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Turning point USA etc, the classic American right wing stuff. Now keep in mind, i have never had any interaction with such content ever before.
I just want to know from my American counterparts that what the heck is going on, and whether i should be concerned.
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.28 13:25 zemy6969 had an idea for a create a club feel free to use

Red Bull has 5 teams all across the world but now they’re making a 6th in england’s league 2, RB London, sticking to how red bull’s other teams are the main priority is the youth development of academy players as well as selling youth players almost exclusively to leipzig until the club is bigger then leipzig
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2021.10.28 13:25 Bacon-Dub Déjà-vu

Is anyone else having some serious April/May déjà-vu right now? I remember when Doge started pumping hard and all the noobies started flocking in, every « new » post on cryptocurrency was “I’m new to crypto and was looking for help on how to buy doge”, the comment section were absolutely hilarious on every single post and the rise of the emojis. All this has started happening again. People who have been in crypto for 15 minutes giving advice like they’re whales from 2013.
Yesterday while sorting by new I stumbled across a comment that really kicked in my déjà vu. Someone responded to a comment asking for advice on holding periods or something like that, saying “I invested 80$ in shiba, every time my investment goes up 25$ I pull out that profit and let it ride until I have another 25$. Rinse and repeat.” I’m not quoting the guy exactly but you get the idea. As memecoins start pumping this subreddit becomes absolutely useless. Everyone either looking for the next shiba or asking if it’s too late to buy shiba or explaining how it’s going to get to .01/.1/1$. He’ll yesterday I saw someone claiming it’ll hit 50$.
Usually I just ignore memecoins and then get old man angry when they pump and I was wrong I’ve decided to take a new approach this time. I’m gonna throw a couple hundred at the top memecoins, if it dumps, what ever. But at least now when it pumps I’m not butt hurt. That is my strategy for this leg of the bull run. You do what you want. Don’t take my advice, I studied how to make salad in school.
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2021.10.28 13:25 megagtfan91 Georgia ent visiting next week

Hey guys, 30 y/o ent flying in next Tuesday with the wife and kid. It's not my first time in a legal state, or even Colorado, but it's my first time spending more than a day in Denver. I'm gonna have a three year old with me, so obviously I won't be smoking the amount I normally do when I visit. Because of that, I was hoping the get a recommendation where to find the highest quality, best-tasting, most top-shelf flower you can think of, and the best full-spectrum cartridge. Not looking for deals, looking for pure quality alone. Also, while we're at it, can anyone recommend your favorite pizza place? Maybe a brewery with good burgers too? Thanks!
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2021.10.28 13:25 LordP_496 What is the most exquisite way to kill someone?

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2021.10.28 13:25 kelseyhilsonkwen Trying to find legitimate website that sells psilocybin liquid culture syringes

My goal for 2022 is to grow mushrooms in my home but I’m worried that the websites claiming they sell golden teacher liquid culture syringes are scams. Do any of you know of reputable online sources where I can buy psilocybin liquid culture syringes ?
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2021.10.28 13:25 Ovenproofhen7 WTF

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2021.10.28 13:25 emilee_spinach Man beaten, mauled by pit bull in Schenectady torture session, records show

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2021.10.28 13:25 canadainlady Found in my platy tank there dead right?

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