People who had sell orders @1000 on Tesla

Sam and Tom decided to set up a partnership to sell low-sodium, plant based vegan snacks. Since both of them had a family, they decided to withdraw a salary of €12,000 per quarter. 17 Sam also withdrew € 1,00,000 on 3ist December, 2020 to get her wife treated for Covid-19. The partnership deed provided for 10% p.a. interest on drawings.

2021.10.28 15:34 euxene People who had sell orders @1000 on Tesla

i was going to do it, but i remembered, Tesla is future so i cancelled the orders.
you guys think it will visit 900 again?
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2021.10.28 15:34 AnilokinX [OPEN] Bnha Adoptables Auction! Sub Bid: 8$, Minimum increase: 2$

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2021.10.28 15:34 SoupSandwich12345 Finally some fucken green

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2021.10.28 15:34 Xephia Tried searching but didn’t find much—do Apple Stores carry stock for the new MacBooks aside of pickup orders?

I’ve seen people saying different things. Does Apple have stock that you can walk in and grab that’s not listed as pickup items?
All of my stores says “Unavailable for pickup” but was wondering my chances at getting one anyways if I walk in.
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2021.10.28 15:34 d3vilsfire [CONFLICT] Operation Janhvi III

With a ceasefire in place, and the reconstruction of Northern Hyderabad, the IGF will be transitioning units that participated in the Operation Janhvi and Operation Faiza in order to have the appropriate command structure for future conflicts given the current stalemate.
While most of the units deployed in the region were already based nearby, the Southern Command will assume control over the ongoing operation in Hyderabad. The XXI Corps (1 Armored and 2 Infantry Divisions) and elements of the XXII Corps (1 Motorized and 1 Mechanized Divisions) will be remaining in active status patrolling the current territory in Hyderabad. This should be a direct transition out of the units we have active in the region.
While we will be slightly reducing our active numbers in the region, we are switching from an aggressive position into a more defensive positioning. Entrenching our troops, we will be building up our defenses to ensure we are prepared for any aggression from Dravida or the Nizam.
Depending on our rivals across the line of control, we will adjust our troop deployments in the region. In addition, in order to handle any ongoing unrest in Northern Hyderabad, 5 battalions (7,000) of the Assam Rifles will be deployed in the region in order to carry out anti-insurgency operations and aid the local police in handling the new situation in Hyderabad.
We will be continuing to integrate Hyderabad into the rest of India and building up the logistics network of the region in order to have it be a proper state of India. This includes building/repairing airfields in the region in order to provide aerial support to our active troops in the region.
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2021.10.28 15:34 cornerstorenews When you ever going to be able to own millions of anything?

Don't wait for someone else to buy the rise, it's on you. I sold all my other coins and bought more shiba. Screw doge I sold it all and I'm all in on shiba. Buy more coins? Of course I am and it'll be shiba. When you ever going to have a chance to own millions and millions of anything? Make your own decision but in my house we do shiba only, don't give me that but both are good shit, did you not know shiba is the doge killer?
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2021.10.28 15:34 purplepotatoplant Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy: success story!

I have been doing EMDR therapy for a few years now, and recently dedicated a session to my migraines AND re-processing all of the negative self beliefs that go along with them. I’m sure I’m not alone in having self-doubts and self-blame when a migraine is triggered. My session helped IMMENSELY with all of that. It was three weeks ago, and I haven’t had a migraine since. It’s the longest I have gone all year between migraines!! I was skeptical when my therapist suggested it, and I don’t think this cured my migraines completely, but just this bit of relief from the physical pain and the emotional distress is amazing.
Just wanted to share in case anyone else is in EMDR, or considering starting it. A history of trauma is common for migraine sufferers, and I have found EMDR to be a super effective treatment for many of my non-migraine PTSD symptoms as well.
For more info on EMDR (it’s fascinating!):
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2021.10.28 15:34 FlightLeft12 Best live tool performance to show to someone who has never heard of tool?

It has to be less that 7 minutes since I feel people get overwhelmed by timespan they aren't familiar with.
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2021.10.28 15:34 Commercial-Potato-26 Apocalypse Survivor,Me,Pen,2021

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2021.10.28 15:34 joesmith127_reddit A real female.

Has science, which has already weighed in on climate change and the ability of vaccines to stop the spread of COVID19, made a definite statement on the validity of "transgender females" ? Has science determined that a transgender female, which I understand is a human male who declares himself/herself a female prior to and/or following reconstructive surgery, medication, therapy, etc., is the full equivalent of a human female who was identified at birth as female and has never considered herself to be a human male living in a human female body?
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2021.10.28 15:34 muchcharles How do I update my wall?

I want to post a new thing on my wall where did the button go?
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2021.10.28 15:34 eggyweggy69 Nyan cat

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2021.10.28 15:34 packapunch_koenigseg Payday tomorrow. Bought in at 65 🚀

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2021.10.28 15:34 Tabajara77 loving Facebook's rebrand

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2021.10.28 15:34 Buufus Sad

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2021.10.28 15:34 OliverMarkusMalloy I pointed out that the people posting on ShitLiberalsSay are not American lefties as they claim, but Russian trolls pretending to be American Lefties. Their goal is to divide, weaken, and destroy the real American left, to help Trump win. Here's how the Russian trolls on ShitLiberalsSay reacted...

I pointed out that the people posting on ShitLiberalsSay are not American lefties as they claim, but Russian trolls pretending to be American Lefties. Their goal is to divide, weaken, and destroy the real American left, to help Trump win. Here's how the Russian trolls on ShitLiberalsSay reacted... submitted by OliverMarkusMalloy to AmericanFascism2020 [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 15:34 SeaScarcity2110 The wolf says....

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2021.10.28 15:34 hungboston_ 33 [mm4f] Milford 2 well endowed gents here looking for a lady that would enjoy all the attention on her

If you find yourself watching videos where two guys are being very attentive to a female on screen, then we'd like to help you bring that fantasy to life. Experienced friends here looking to bring you a night of ecstasy. Obviously this would be really crazy to indulge in, but if you're curious send me a pm or IM. I have all the socials and we can chat and all meet in a public place if you decide you feel comfortable.
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2021.10.28 15:34 MickGuff Leonardo with Converse All-Stars (Drawing by me)

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2021.10.28 15:34 Bastianator MacOS 12.1 Beta Released

No release notes as of yet. Downloading as we speak.
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2021.10.28 15:34 Tryotrix Facebook changes company name to Meta

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2021.10.28 15:34 Marco_OPolo Ungrouping Units?

Ungrouping Units? Is there away to do this easily?
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2021.10.28 15:34 akurwSFW i haven't learned anything from the last two years

during the pandemic and the online classes, i haven't learned anything, i don't have any will or determination to pay attention on the classes. also, i always get distracted and throw the problems to the future. am i the only one? can someone help?
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2021.10.28 15:34 GammaSpite 27M, chats while I play some Guitar Hero?

Looking for people to have a fun chat with while I play guitar hero for the night.
Chats about anything welcome as long as you don’t mind waiting for my replies until I finish each song!
Age doesn’t matter, message or mails, prefer to chat to women over men, just my preference. Tell me a little about you when you message, let’s enjoy each other’s company. :)
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2021.10.28 15:34 Nyhaws Pygmea "Super White" looking soft and fuzzy

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