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This is my design for Halloween

Halloween Costumes 2021 Chicagoland’s Largest Selection of Halloween Costumes, Accessories and More! We have Halloween costumes, and accessories for adults, kids, and even pets! We are your one-stop shop with the largest selection of unique adult and kids Halloween costumes, and accessories! It’s the Halloween season, and you know what that means: some more meticulous depictions of brutal, motiveless murders! MANY SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BE WARNED. I’m not a hardcore Michael Myers fanatic, but the original Halloween is one of my favorite movies. I’ll never be able to look at empty wire hangers in a closet without getting a chill ... Halloween Shirts, Sweatshirts & Accessories featuring Disney & more. Hey you, the fright fiend, the witchcraft and wizardry obsessive, the cobweb-and-coffin creep, the there's-never-enough-vampires-or-skeletons representative of your gruesome, spook-lovin' group — gather round, because we've got good news for you: your search for the ultimate Halloween hub has ended. Halloween is my favorite horror franchise. Don’t get me wrong, now. I love Jason, Freddy, and yes, I love Ghostface, but there’s something about Michael Myers that gets under my skin and terrifies me. That said, his kills have also, for the most part, been less dramatic than some of the other horror franchises and for that alone, he ranks ... My Halloween Mantel 2021 Jacqueline. October 07, 2021. Yes, it's that time of year, and we have been. having fun decorating for the last couple of . weeks, just an hour of so a day. You know how it is, you think you are . done and then you get another idea, so . you putter some more. Have a Nifty Day. nifty; gay; incest; my-sons-eventful-halloween; Size Date Filename; 11K: Oct 22 13:12: my-sons-eventful-halloween-4 Halloween jokes are a great way to make the month of October fun and share a smile. Printable cards make it easy to slip some fun into a lunch or in a pocket to get a giggle. For Halloween this year my 3yo twins wanted to go as a kitty and puppy, so I decided to make their costumes. I had them almost entirely worked out except for the puppy ears…and then I suddenly had a brainstorm about the ears. However, my son then switched to wanting to be a bat. Which actually made the costume easier except I was flummoxed ...

2021.10.28 14:22 T_O_E_F This is my design for Halloween

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2021.10.28 14:22 inlovewithpbj Getting these tpu prints down!

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2021.10.28 14:22 Tital_wavve I Just like Tits

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2021.10.28 14:22 SuspiciousAd39 What would the church be like without the temple?

I have seen lots of people post about how difficult it is to be more nuanced in the church. The goal of the temple and its associate requirements and worthiness tests seems to me to be a huge part of this.
For me, I realized that I never enjoyed the temple and I decided that I won't go anymore, even if I am still participating fully at church. Then I realized that if I don't care about going to the temple, I never have to go to a recommend interview. Without the interview, I never have to justify to anyone how I live the word of wisdom, how I calculate tithing, or even whether I pay it at all! It's nobody's business what my sex life involves. It doesn't matter whether I think church leaders are literally prophets or just some guys. It doesn't matter whether I think the Book of Mormon was translated from gold plates or whether Joseph Smith had literal visions, or maybe just dreams, or maybe he made it all up.
Without the temple, maybe the church could focus on Christ and helping others. Maybe we could all engage with it in our own way.
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2021.10.28 14:22 bartarton I can see the wine and turkey bringing out the worst in me.

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2021.10.28 14:22 CLG_FAITHAGE New Player - Slayer Tasks Question

Real Quick Question: I've had slayer unlocked for 24 hours, but I've never seen a slayer task option pop up anywhere in the applications (slayer level 20ish from just killing mummies atm) - could someone reply with a screen shot of where the slayer task appears?
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2021.10.28 14:22 Arkane819 Lian Li 011D Pedestal

u/ekjake u/ekwaterblocks
Any word on the Lian Li pedestals? Just a hint?.... Designed my entire build around those extra rads, just waiting patiently over here.
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2021.10.28 14:22 All-Seeing-Bot BREAKING: President Biden Announces Framework For Spending Deal | The Hill

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2021.10.28 14:22 ItsLegitCraft Am I the only one who (at night) makes up fake scenarios in my head and the cries about them scenarios?

I dont mean make them up, I mean just like I'm thinking of one thing, and then I think "oh but what if it led to this, and then this, etc. Etc"
Like I'm 16 and this happened to me last night.
I dont mean a few tears either. Genuine, pillow-soaked bawling.
Is there something wrong me? Theres probably something wrong with me
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2021.10.28 14:22 gay_disaster Women's book club

Hi, I've created a new discord server to discuss books with other women. It's open to anyone who ids as a women. The link is here for anyone who is interested!
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2021.10.28 14:22 SaintPabloFlex Bank caught wind of my crypto visa card.

I recently applied for a visa crypto.com card as It gives you 1% cashback in cro and increased cash back as you stake more while also earning interest on it. Spotify, netflix and amazon rebates too as you go up the tiers. I highly recommend their services, specifically the visa cards for any crypto lover.
Anyhow over the last year of living at a new address i’ve been sent nothing from my bank so far. Today when I check the mail box for my crypto card I find an envelope from td as well. They approved me for their own credit card! & get this it seems there’s fees too!
The banks can’t stand to see a young broke boy jump ship. Just wait until the whole world does hahaha.
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2021.10.28 14:22 Nikkeh98 750 vs 600 engine characteristics

Hey Gixxer riders! I have been rolling around the idea of getting a gsxr as my next bike after the SV650. I have the question about the 750 engine. Is there big difference between 600's high revving not so torquey nature and 750? Does it provide extra torque in the low and middle rev area or does it have much more power in the redline? Thanks :)
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2021.10.28 14:22 LeviTheGoblin Players about to face BBEG completely unprepared and underpowered, please review my solution

2 sessions ago, the BBEG was introduced in an epic encounter where he ran away with Evil MacGuffin and left his min isions to fight the PCs. Two sessions later, and the PCs are on his heels, wanting to take the Evil MacGuffin back, without having taken a rest after the previous battle. I want to set up this guy as the BBEG of the campaign, so they're also not nearly on the right power level to face him, but they do not realize this (inexperience from my part, bad planning on theirs). I feel very unsure about how to continue, and I am hoping for feedback regarding my current plans or any other suggestions!
Previous session was about the chase. They chased the bad guy through a forest, down a cave, and into the feywild (they don't know this). That sessions I kind of had to improvise and I had a feywild encounter prepped, so I ended up having the bad guy run into the feywild.
Upcoming session, they'll likely catch up to him. They'll likely try to take the MacGuffin by force, which can't go well I think. The bad guy didn't fight them before as he believes it's dishonourable to fight those that he believes are below him in terms of skill, but if threatened, he will fight back and kill to leave an example. I forsee this encounter going one of two ways: 1. I'll let him kill an NPC that the party likes to set an example. Hopefully this makes them see that they can't beat him and stop fighting. This gives them personal stakes in defeating the BBEG in the long run to take revenge. 2. He'll TPK the party. If this is the case, I will make the PCs wake up later, resurrected by a powerful fey. They gave the characters back their life, but in return took from them that which they care about the most. The only way to undo the contract and regain what was taken from them, is to take revenge on their murderer. Again, this hopefully makes them personally invested in the BBEG.
I feel especially unsure about the second option. Though I feel it's the most interesting and sets up the best personal investment, TPKing feels bad to do, even if they come back. What do you think of these plans? Any other suggestions of how to deal with the situation?
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2021.10.28 14:22 Funakyy How strong is complete Shabranigdo?

So he was slaed in 4 or 5 pieces and when Lina first fought one of his piece he did beat him with the Giga Slave but that was not enough to beat Gaav and Phibrizzo one shotted Gaav.
So one piece of shabranigdo If all pieces where together that would mean that the Full Powwer Shabranigdo would be 4 times stronger i wonder if that would be much stronger then Phibriizzo or not.
It is staed that Full Shabranigdo is the storngest demon but by that logic he can't be much stronger then Phibrizzo
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2021.10.28 14:22 HitDaWoah Got a job offer but have to do a urine drug test.

Last time I smoked was on August 7th of this year but before I stopped I was smoking often for a month. Well it’s been some time since I’ve smoked, I recently started drinking on special occasions which is on bdays but don’t get too drunk when I do. Should the thc still be in my body? I have 48 hours for a drug test. Haven’t smoked whatsoever since then and also get paranoid when I’m somewhere and I smell weed lmao. Also stopped because I’m going to my cdl class A license within a few months.
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2021.10.28 14:22 Hadia_ Children in Afghanistan are being sold due to lack of food and extreme poverty

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2021.10.28 14:22 droberts7357 We're getting close now!

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2021.10.28 14:22 Perfect-Mongoose5582 Hi ! Is there anyone here from United Arab Emirates(Dubai) . What are best way to transfer money to Ukraine from dubai !

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2021.10.28 14:22 annabiali OMG 🥵 bunny corrina full set link 👇🥵

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2021.10.28 14:22 -RogueSalamander- [PS4] [DS3] [Help Me] Sister Friede

Anyone up for giving me an assist with Sister Friede on my SL1 run? Most of my run has been doable but I can't imagine beating Sister Friede without some help. I'll set the password to 'Menace', let me know if you're on the way so I can give some karma
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2021.10.28 14:22 h_al_70 This car is something else 🌹

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2021.10.28 14:22 EestiMentioned [/r/Crypto_Airdrops] Get $20 on Bitstamp! (instant 20% return on your $100)

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2021.10.28 14:22 X_Monster_6 Can’t decide between these two, I already have everyone else, who should I get?

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2021.10.28 14:22 Ok_Independence_9076 Think about it

A dog is not man's best friend. A dog will find your stash and snitch on you. A cat will find your stash and keep it a secret. 😆 😆
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2021.10.28 14:22 Zylonnaire How do you guys feel about Birth of the Demonic Sword?

I’m at around chapter 760 and so far it’s fairly good, maybe a 7/10. The biggest issues I have with it is how long and strenuous the cultivation is to the point where it’s just boring and my second and biggest issue with it so far is how the author feels the need to tell us whenever characters going to have sex? It’s starting to sound like the author is a high schooler who’s never had sex before. He also started making side characters make creepy remarks like “I could hear the moans” and it doesn’t happen only once. I want to take the novel seriously because I find the concept and power levels really interesting but now the author is pinpointing whenever characters are going to have sex or when they are having sex. The only point of June now is for the MC to sleep with her which is really sad cause I genuinely liked her as a character before they got together. For those who are way ahead of me in the novel does the author stop this habit or does he do it less? That’s all I want to know, no need to spoil the rest of the story past chapter 760.
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