Aly and Aj Michalka

2021.09.25 05:20 acmeCelebrity Aly and Aj Michalka

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2021.09.25 05:20 hopefulchristian01 What I do w this at the telly

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2021.09.25 05:20 RicardoTDS PRECONCEITO, PROSTITUIÇÃO E YAKUZA | Caminhando de noite pelo bairro mai...

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2021.09.25 05:20 bedrockzebra Happy Birthday Josh!

Just noticed nobody posted anything, so obligatory happy birthday to the king!
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2021.09.25 05:20 doobeezoo CRS eMails

OK, I’ve gotten several emails from different schools saying everything from “we invite you to apply…” to tonight I received one from a T1 school: “candidates with your profile do very well here and often receive substantial scholarships.”
I mean, should I take these at all seriously? Meaning, should an email like this lead ne to apply to a school I’d go to but hadn’t considered previously?
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2021.09.25 05:20 ChicagoCubsRL97 If you could change one thing in each Film what would it be and why?

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2021.09.25 05:20 ThrowAITAway 20[M4F] - platonic - help me practice talking to girls? Older friends more than welcome

Hi! I was homeschooled for most of my childhood and even before that was always a bit shy or awkward. Would any lady here like to help me bring my social skills up to speed? I studied math and philosophy in college and am a practicing catholic. My biggest hobby is reading. I love talking about philosophy and other things I read about, but hopefully you can teach me to expand my conversational scope a bit. I have absolutely no interest in anything remotely NSFW. My preferred platform is Snapchat and I don't mind if you're older than me. I think that would actually be better since you'd have more experience to base your advice on. Basically what I'm looking for is a strictly platonic friendship with lots of feedback/tutoring about social skills
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2021.09.25 05:20 Matlabguru Data Science Languages

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2021.09.25 05:20 ElectrikAvenue1 😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Team!

😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Takeover! Be a Boss! Invest with us!
Baby Doge Boss has identified the next evolution in the booming NFT sector. Baby Doge Boss is developing Smart NFT's! Our NFT's are going to be Dynamic and ever-changing, unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL!
📱Buy it right now on PancakeSwap!
📝Contract: 0xa57d9af4bf0e4e0d4132435fc82b2b66ac173b26
🌎BSC Scan Link:
Our Boss Tokenomics:
Dynamic Smart-NFT's X BOSS NFT Lootboxes and Marketplace.
Baby Doge Boss aims pioneer the development and rise of Smart Multi-Layered NFT's using the Altura NFT's upcoming developer API. Unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL.
Baby Doge Boss NFT's will be Airdropped to holders via a lottery and community engagement merit system. We will have giveaways to outstanding community members. Like and share Baby Doge Boss on Facebook and Twitter, and be entered to be airdropped our most exclusive NFT Releases! Also We will be releasing our very own NFT Marketplace where we will have a extensive roster of exclusive Smart-NFT's and NFT Lootboxes!
Auto-liquidity Generation.
7% of all Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to building Liquidity ensuring that growth, stability and sustainability of the token is backed by a constantly growing liquidity pools.
The rate of contributions will only increase as our community grows and trading volume increases providing stability and security to our investors.
Sustainable Marketing.
2% of Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to our community marketing fund, 100% of this fund will be used for Marketing and Advertising of our token. This will ensure that we have the capital necessary to fund our massive viral marketing campaign that will catapult Baby Doge Boss to to very top of the DeFi and NFT sphere!
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2021.09.25 05:20 SupermassiveWaldo Not the best but LOOK!!!

I haven´t even reached yellow research, but I love it
Processing img n51c14t1ikp71...
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2021.09.25 05:20 Pizazz420 Better than glos?

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2021.09.25 05:20 Ricemabbit Lori Greiner’s face then and now

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2021.09.25 05:20 qqldk7702 Dorm - where can i put the luggages

Hii i’m an international freshman, so when i moved here, i brought 3 luggages. I live on campus dorm and now I don’t where to put these away. Is there any place I could take these? Thanks!
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2021.09.25 05:20 Tight-Challenge9553 Test is next?

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2021.09.25 05:20 ItsKevinOK34 It is confirmed that Nirvava, will be taking the role of Kurdt Donald Cobain in the upcoming Nirvana movie. (Credits to u/abki12c for original post with Dave Grohl)

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2021.09.25 05:20 ChaseVernon Made me a mallet. Used for bonking things.

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2021.09.25 05:20 kiwispacemarine A Course of Action Part 61 - The Nuclear Option

| First | Previous | Next |
The alien missiles fell like steel rain, hurtling towards the ground at hypersonic speeds. Despite the efforts of interceptor missiles, lasers and other defences, most of the weapons were able to penetrate the atmosphere, impacting locations across the globe and releasing their deadly payload. Civilian and military targets alike were hit by the bombardment.
Those with gas masks or similar equipment were unaffected. But those who either did not have any protective gear, or only had sub-standard equipment perished where they stood as the fast-acting alien biological agent blanketed large swathes of the globe.
Aboard Unity-1, Interim-President Jeffery Kain could only look on helplessly as data showing impact zones and estimated death tolls was relayed to him. He felt like he was going to be sick.
“Sir,” Jerry Kinser reported, “General Henderson wants to speak to you.”
Kain gave a grunt in response, trying to wrap his head around the crisis the planet was now in.
“What is it, General?” he asked wearily as he picked up the tablet given to him.
The General grimaced.
“Sir, Admiral Henricks reports that they’ve been able to break through the Consortium line at the Moon, and are sending re-enforcements to Colonel Straker. That said, we are only getting scattered reports from Moonbase.”
“And the bad news?” asked Kain.
“Our tracking stations are picking up what appear to be Consortium dropships and troop transports entering the stratosphere,” the General reported, rubbing his face in exhaustion.
“Sir,” he continued after a moment, “We may have to consider using the Bomb.”
“The Bomb!” exclaimed Kain.
“Yes sir.”
“But, detonating so many missiles in the upper atmosphere could…” the President began to protest.
“With all due respect sir,” Henderson cut off the politician, “Our orbital defences are shattered. We’ve barely been able to hold them off at the Moon and we have no way of knowing how many of our ships made it off Cu’Boyd.”
He sighed, before continuing, “These aliens have shown no regret in committing what amounts to genocide on us… We’re already estimating at least 100 million casualties. I don’t like it any more than you do sir, but it’s beginning to look like that’s our only option.”
Kain pondered briefly, weighing up all the options.
“I’ll inform the Security Council,” he said after a few seconds, “I’ll let you know their decision as soon as I can.”
The Sea of Tranquility, The Moon.
Major Black and Captain Teal continued to cautiously make their way back to the shattered remains of Moonbase Alpha. Black continued to glance at his motion tracker, and every once in a while the pair would duck behind a rock or piece of debris and slowly scan the barren Lunar surface.
Despite not finding anything, Black couldn’t shake the sense that they were being observed by hostile eyes. It didn’t help that Captain Teal’s motion-tracker had been damaged in the hangar’s explosion, leaving Black as the pair’s ‘eye’s and ears’.
“Major Black to Bravo 6, do you copy?” he periodically called into the radio, with no response. He couldn’t understand it. Either the device was broken or the pair were being jammed.
Considering that the two soldiers were able to easily talk with each other over short-range, that only left the latter option.
Black wasn’t sure if that made him happier or not.
Corridor Junction T-47. Moonbase Alpha.
Colonel Straker dove behind cover as another squad of Tark warriors stomped around the corner, clad in their new power-armour.
The Space Force security Sergeant and his men opened up on the aliens, the bullets from their M5A assault rifles riddling the thick armour plating. The Colonel himself fired several slugs from his shotgun, but he couldn’t tell if he hit anything.
One of the soldiers was hit by a glancing railgun round. The force of the blow powerful enough to tear through his SPARTAN-MKIII exoskeleton and tear his arm off. As the man didn’t cry out as he flew into the corridor wall, Straker assumed the soldier’s insides had been liquified by the shockwave as well.
As the Colonel leaned out to fire another volley of shotgun shells, some of the other soldiers flung grenades out towards the enemy group. The resulting explosions unbalanced the aliens enough to allow the Humans to rush them.
At point-blank range, Straker’s shotgun and the Security Forces’ armour-piercing rounds made short work of their extra-terrestrial targets.
“Let’s go,” Straker ordered upon reloading his shotgun, “The Ambassador’s cell is at the next junction.”
Captain Teal and Major Black eventually reached the broken remains of Moonbase Alpha’s hangar. Circling around the large dome, they found themselves at a service airlock. As the Major moved to open the outer door, he heard a crackle on the radio.
“Don’t move,” a slightly tinny voice barked behind them. The soldiers whirled around, Black pulling out his sidearm.
They found themselves staring down the barrel of an alien railgun.
Startled, Black looked at his motion tracker. The device still displayed no nearby hostiles. A closer inspection of the display revealed that the device was broken. Cursing his rotten luck, Black focused his attention on the alien.
Looking closer, he saw that it was the alien with the strange markings from the hangar. Surprisingly, it hadn’t killed them yet. The Major could almost feel the malevolent hatred from behind the alien’s helmet as it turned to look at him.
“Captain Black,” the alien said, “It’s been a while.”
“Have we met?” he asked uneasily. There was something familiar about the alien.
“Don’t you remember? Although, I suppose my assumed death on Cur’Cle would have been replaced in your memory by hundreds of my comrades. After all, what is one death among many?” the creature monologued.
“Cur’Cle…” Black muttered to himself. Who was this alien? With a gasp of sudden recognition, he cried out.
“Lieutenant Jacott!”
Storage Locker 1138. Moonbase Alpha. The Moon.
Ambassador Vymer quivered in his cell as the sounds of battle raged around him. Any second, he was expecting a stray bullet, electron-polariser, railgun or explosive to blast right through the tiny room and expose him to the vacuum of space. He clutched his pale-white head in his hands as the noise continued to shake the walls of his cell.
He was interrupted from his inner thought by the cell door suddenly opening with sparks and smoke billowing from a nearby wall panel. Evidently, the Human’s primitive technology had been extremely damaged during the chaos. The explosions and gunfire threatened to deafen the Drek, and he held two of his arms up to his ears as he clambered out of the airlock he’d been imprisoned in for the past several months.
Looking around him, he saw with a mixture of fear and awe what looked to be a Tark warrior firing an extremely powerful weapon at a human. The thunderous noise of the rifle almost deafened the diplomat. The weapon was able to make short work of the human soldier, spraying the walls with its insides.
The Tark was surrounded by five dead Humans, as well as two other fallen warriors.
“I’m saved!” the ex-diplomat exclaimed, “Praise the Great Beyond!”
Startled by his voice, the Tark spun to face him. After a few moments, the warrior spoke, his voice booming out from the armour’s external speakers.
“You are Ambassador Vymer?” the warrior asked. Intimidated by the stature of the warrior, the diplomat nodded meekly.
“You have been declared a coward and a traitor by the Executive-Director,” the warrior declared, his disdain for the Ambassador infecting his voice, “As such, you are to be summarily executed.”
“No, wait!” cried Vymer.
As the warrior moved to remove the Ambassador of his life, another explosion rocked the base, causing the Tark to briefly lose his balance. Vymer took the opportunity to dive out of the way. Landing beside one of the dead human soldiers, his hands fells upon the alien’s assault rifle.
Desperation gripping him, he fumbled to bring up the weapon as the Tark re-gained his balance.
He pulled the trigger, the weapon nearly jumping out of his hand as a spray of projectiles exited the rifle. Vymer was not prepared for the powerful recoil of the weapon, the force of which pushed his aim upwards.
The bullets tracked up along the Tark’s powered armour, until they reached the thinly-armoured neck section. The warrior crumpled like a metaphorical house of cards as the projectiles punched right through his neck.
Vymer dropped the weapon in shock, surprised by the feeling that had gripped him. The sound of mechanically-amplified footsteps alerted him to the Humans rushing around the corner.
“All clear, sir,” He heard one of them shout.
“Roger,” the Ambassador made out the voice of Colonel Straker as the officer walked towards him, holding his characteristic shotgun. Vymer could see the Human officer frown from behind his helmet as he noticed him.
“Ambassador Vymer, we are moving you off this rock. Please don’t try to resist,” the Colonel said. As two of the grey-suited human soldiers moved to apprehend him, Vymer saw Straker hold his hand up to his helmet.
“Admiral, we’ve secured the alien. We need extraction, on the double… Yes sir. I’ll see you on the flip-side.”
“Right,” the officer turned to address his men, “The fleet’s broken through. An evac dropship will be waiting for us in the secondary hangar bay. They’ll take us to the Poseidon, let’s go.”
Outside Service Airlock 3, Moonbase Alpha.
The alien chuckled.
“Guilty as charged, as you humans say,” he sneered, “Although, it’s Major now.”
“Congratulations on the promotion,” Black replied sarcastically.
“But, how are you still alive?” asked Captain Teal, “I read the report! He shot you twice.”
“I’m not sure,” Jacott gave his version of a shrug, “But it’s not important. What is important is that we have met on the field of battle again. And now, Captain, you will die for your treachery against the Consortium.”
“It’s Major, now,” Black said levelly, throwing the Tark’s words back at him. The alien was obviously insane. While his physical wounds may have been healed or repaired, his mental ones were clearly still there. The Major looked around him, desperately searching for some sort of escape route or protection from the inevitable railgun strike. His service pistol would be useless against the Tark’s thick armour. There was a rock a few metres to his right, but he'd never get there before Jacott decorated the Lunar surface with his small intestine.
Just as Jacott moved to squeeze the trigger on his weapon, he recoiled back as several bullets struck his torso. Looking to their left, the two Humans saw Captain Ochre and Lieutenant Green leading Team Romeo-1 and War Pack Scalpel round the corner, weapons blazing.
Jacott grunted as the bullets continued to strike against his armour. Bringing his railgun around, he aimed for Lieutenant Green. Seeing the danger, one of the Hegemony warriors shouted out a warning.
“Lieutenant! Get down!” the alien shouted over the radio. Before Green or anyone else could react, the alien shoved the soldier out of the way just as Jacott pulled his trigger. The railgun strike, meant for Green, instead hit the Golic warrior.
Due to the warrior’s weaker physiology, the railgun’s slug completely vaporised him as it hit the alien at a kilometre per second.
Black and the others took advantage of the brief period of confusion to get behind whatever cover they could find, the Major diving behind the rock he had seen earlier. Before the crazed Consortium officer could fire again, a shadow fell over the group. Black looked up to see a UD-1 dropship swoop in over them.
“This is dropship Echo-914 to Task Force Bravo,” the familiar voice of Lieutenant Farrell echoed through his helmet, “I am here to extract you, over,” the pilot continued.
“Roger, Lieutenant,” Black replied as he got , “We need you to eliminate hostile infantry. Danger close.”
“Copy, Major. I see him,” Farrel replied, “Firing, danger close!”
The dropship opened fire with its 30 millimetre chain gun and unguided rockets. Jacott vanished in a cloud of moondust and debris as the weapons hit home. The dropship touched down close to the group and the rear cargo ramp opened, allowing the surviving soldiers to board.
As soon as the last man boarded the spacecraft, it took off, setting course for the remnants of the fleet.
The craft quickly passed through whatever jamming the Consortium were putting up and Major Black’s radio began squawking.
“ …sk Force Bravo, this is Admiral Henricks. Do you copy, over? I say again, Task Force Bravo, this is Admiral Henricks. Do you copy, over?”
“Admiral,” Black cut into the message, “This is Major Black, aboard dropship Echo-914. What’s the situation, over?”
“Very grim, Major,” the Admiral replied, “We’ve lost the Endeavour and the Unrelenting. Colonel Holland is M.I.A. and the orbital defence grid is shattered. The aliens have begun landing on Earth, Major. They’ve deployed those bio-weapons of theirs.”
“No…” Black said, his face going pale, “What about Moonbase?”
“We’re pulling out from Alpha. Colonel Straker’s dropship is on its way to rendevous with the Poseidon.”
“What happens now?” asked the Major.
“The Space Force is being re-deployed to help the forces on Earth. You and your team will be going to London, to help with the defence there.”
“Yes sir,” replied Black.
“Good luck Major. You’ll need it, out,” the Admiral concluded before signing off. Major Black looked to Captain Ochre.
“Captain,” he said to his fellow SAS officer, “We’re going home.”
UD-1 Cheyenne-II dropship Unity-1.
“That’s the situation,” President Kain concluded, finishing his outline of General Henderson’s plan, “Either we deploy our nuclear arsenals, or we don’t. I suggest we come to a decision quickly.”
“I don’t think we have much choice,” President Robinson said, his video feed flickering slightly, “Either we fire, and drive the aliens off long enough for our fleet to re-group, or we don’t and risk total annihilation.”
“I agree with my colleague,” Vladimir Putin interjected, “We must strike now, Mr Kain.”
“Then it’s settled?” Kain asked, looking for confirmation from the other Security Council members. They all nodded in assent. A quick glance at the Chinese Premier indicated that he also agreed with his Western counterparts.”
“Very well. Make the necessary arrangements. I’ll contact General Henderson, and he’ll co-ordinate the targeting.”
With that, the President shut off the Zoom call. Putting the laptop aside briefly, he picked up the tablet from earlier. General Henderson was still on-screen, waiting patiently for his leader’s decision.
“General Henderson,” he said, taking the officer off of hold, “The Council has come to a decision. A very reluctant one, but they’ve decided to follow through with your suggestion. The missiles are being armed now. They just need your team to re-program the targets.”
Henderson smiled mirthlessly.
“Already on it, sir,” he replied.
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2021.09.25 05:20 scoobyluu Sunset Fishing | x100v

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2021.09.25 05:20 FellowHuman007 Is there any doubt who runs SGIWhistleblowers? Part One: Just Another Dive Through the Looking Glass

Let's look at a few of the recent posts of Ms. Fromga;\:
This oneis about 1977 Soka elementary (Japan), and the date not mentioned by Ms. Fromage)
Another about Soka U. Only sources are herself, until the last two, and those two report on charges against SUA shown in court to be false. Ms. Fromage seems to want to pretend the court findings never happened, though her own source confirms them.
Source for this one is a 1975 report listed in Soka News (a periodical in kanji dedicated to finding negatice stories about the Soka Gakkai) – one of about 100 items in this particular Soka News. I have no idea which one is about this story, because I can’t read kanji. But neither can Ms. Fromage!
Here’s the famous “patent” documents (in the 90s the temple members referred to it a “trademark”, which I personally think makes more sense). Did other Nichiren sects try this also/ Ms. Fromage won’t tell us, or bother to find out. And to tell the truth – who cares?
Here we seethat Ms. Fromage evidently just happened to have a copy of a 1951 issue of Seikyo Shimbun, still in good enough shape to run through a scanner. The priesthood used to try to convince people that this incident – settled and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction (including the priests’) decades ago – was a watershed and defining moment for the Soka Gakkai. Nope – settled, resolved. Decades ago.
Another “just happened” – Ms. Fromage just happened to find the Soka Gakkai account of this incident. Other source cited is her own previous post – and the sources cited there include – more of her own posts. And “Source: Shukan Jitsuwa, Nov. 10, 1994, pgs. 22 – 25”. No link – I guess she just chanced to run across’ a copy of the 27 year old Japanese newspaper and knew what the story was about, though she csan’t read kanji. It’s all about a priest who wass run over by a truck that happened to be driven by a Soka Gakkai members. Ms. Fromage forgets to mention – it was thoroughly investigated and found by every investigative agency to be an unfortunate accident with no involvement of anyone but the driver and the victim.
This one is great!. Ms. Fromage says the link is to “the Last Will and Testament of Tsugio Ishida, who says he was Toda's first choice to replace him as 3rd President of the Soka Gakkai. Sure: that’s him by Toda’s side in all the pictures (NOT!), him who recorded Toda’s guidance in great detail to pass on to the future (NOT!), him who fulfilled all of Toda’s goals NOT! NOT! NOT!!! With the same amount of credibility, Ms. Fromage claims that Ikeda Sensei blamed Masatomo Yamazaki for his own wrongdoing. Except, of course, Yamazaki was convicted in a court of law of extorting the Soka Gakkai, and showed up later helping Nikken Abe try to separate Gakkai members from their mentor.
Old Soka News article. Ms. Fromage mis-defines “honmon”, and makes wild accusation about members being pressured to subscribe to publications. One of her endless QAnon-like conspiracy fantasies ensues, with ‘quotes’ from Japanese publications dating from 1952. And from a website/blog (“torride”) used by temple members in the 90s. (Note: “honmon” means “essential” or “original”; so “honmon no kaidan” doesn’t mean “national ordination platform”. It means “essential place of practice”).
Here’s her latest. The source is a blog, all in Japanese (which Ms. Fromage can’t read) called, near as I can tell, “Goo”. Which describes it quite well. It’s an idiotic hit piece on Josei Toda with no basis; just a disgusting effort by Ms. Fromage to display how her hate overrides her decency. Remember how, when Trump (or any politician) would do something lacking morality or respect, we’d say “Well, he can’t sink any lower”, and then – he did? Why am I reminded of that now? But, Ms. Fromage – congrats on finding a great source!
Finally, apropos of, who knows?
In the 60s cartoon series “Rocky and His Friends” (aka “Rocky and Bullwinkle”), the bumbling baddies Boris and Natasha answer to Fearless Leader, who seems to be their boss. They were all incompetent bumblers. But it turns out that, behind the scenes, the real boss is the seldom seen, mysterious Mr. Big.
To be continued.
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2021.09.25 05:20 JavaleONeal Free to use emotional lofi hiphop beat - Blue , if ya'll like this checkout my channel for more im on a posting spree for the next few days! Im also eager to find rappers and singers to work and build with, god bless 🙏💯

Free to use emotional lofi hiphop beat - Blue , if ya'll like this checkout my channel for more im on a posting spree for the next few days! Im also eager to find rappers and singers to work and build with, god bless 🙏💯 submitted by JavaleONeal to MUSIC_SHARE [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 05:20 TrendsWide Norman Ajari: “The Black Lives Matter movement has become corrupted” | Ideas

Norman Ajari: “The Black Lives Matter movement has become corrupted” | Ideas submitted by TrendsWide to TrendsNewsWorld [link] [comments]