16 Personalities on a Date

2021.09.25 04:25 carrieflw 16 Personalities on a Date

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2021.09.25 04:25 RivalStars_SSO Hoping to breed some nice foals this exotic event!

I just started playing rival stars about a month ago, and recently after there was an exotic genes event. I, at the time, didn't have great coat patterns + gold, and I did a lot of impulse spending lol. Since the event came back for the second time, I got 1,200 gold for it (yes I know - money that I'm spending for in game currencies, though I'm hoping to get an exotic coat) and I was wondering if the mare you breed with impacts the percentage of the exotic coat transferring to the foal? Thanks, and sorry for typing an entire essay xD
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2021.09.25 04:25 AndyFreeman 8/12 order FINALLY SHIPPED

8/12 peeps check your orders.
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2021.09.25 04:25 Savings-Promotion-28 Got a new cute hoodieee🥰

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2021.09.25 04:25 LeLobato [FOR HIRE] [Illustration/Character design/Icons] Opening commission slots, starts at 30$ ! Contact me if you are interested! (more info in comments) (â—•á´—â—•âśż)

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2021.09.25 04:25 2cool_4_skool Norse Gods

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2021.09.25 04:25 SEGG-FERENC Hacks on console

I hate to come here and talk shit, but I think there’s some problems with console, I just finished a ranked match and in noth teams there were people blatantly tracing the enemy through the wall/wallbanging them. It’s silver so they were really bad, so this makes it even more sus…
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2021.09.25 04:25 Wayward_Prometheus Video: UFC 266 preview show

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2021.09.25 04:25 smash_hit_fan I have no idea why everyone hates it so much

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2021.09.25 04:25 RiiguyHATESHFUNDS an open network for money

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2021.09.25 04:25 Scotttbarnes I think I found the right girl!?!?

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2021.09.25 04:25 JHB1999 Is there a complete Star Wars encyclopedia?

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2021.09.25 04:25 r_garibaldi I have a problem. In the shading view there is fire as I want it but in the render view I see a huge smoke cube, how do i solve it?🙏🏼

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2021.09.25 04:25 KyleField120 Purchase Certificated Preowned Phone (CPO) for current prepaid number

I tried to purchase Purchase Certificated Preowned (CPO) Phone but got stopped when choosing upgrading the existing prepaid line from my account. I planned to pay full retail price (not monthly arrangement). Tried to contact Verizon support and different representatives gave different answers: One say no CPO is not eligible for current prepaid line, other said it's ok and advised me to contact telesales number on person e.g. waiting forever - btw, anyone can point me to the full description of this issue ? Thanks
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2021.09.25 04:25 Mtbmx_Az Feeling the effects

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2021.09.25 04:25 EdwardHB ...no se si sentirme mal yo, o sentirme mal por el pueblo

vieron que ahora todos están con el tema de las moneditas de 1 peso y tal?
para sorpresa de nadie, tenia como 34 de esas... y como no son para nada raras (porque prácticamente el 80% de los habitantes de argentina tienen a lo sumo 1)

logré vender 2 a $5000... a un tipo en facebook

ahora, me siento mal conmigo mismo por estafarle a alguien
y me siento mal con el pueblo porque... vamos, pensaba que era joda, pero hay gente que realmente se piensa que dichas monedas valen fortuna y andan comprándolas

asĂ­ que tienen el permiso de mandarme cualquier insulto que quieran en los comentarios...
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2021.09.25 04:25 ReadyLuck28 Has anyone here gained penile length (not foreskin) after fixing their phomosis?

I've seen posts saying yes and no. I'm sure it's case by case, logically if you have tight elections depending on how tight the foreskin is its likely holding back a few millimeters to 1/4 an inch
Anyone notice any increase in length?
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2021.09.25 04:25 WhyNolanN00B Late night raimi

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2021.09.25 04:25 runtthecandy Bl2 in a Nutshell

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2021.09.25 04:25 Robert-velasquez Does anyone know when we can apply for spring 2022 for a bachelors in BS? i can’t seem to find the application online (specifically in Computer Science)

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2021.09.25 04:25 K9Thefirst1 Bowser Singing Fluff Her Gently, by Tenacious D

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2021.09.25 04:25 whiles Is this the new krake raken zen pin nipple?

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2021.09.25 04:25 RyLucas ANC-UST LP-ing Question...

To begin, I love Luna and its Terra ecosystem. I’ve thus decided to begin staking and participating in a widely varying list of DeFi activities, across several protocols, in fact.
I am presently trying to provide liquidity to the ANC-UST pool. I have a minuscule amount of both assets to contribute as well, basically, as a test of sorts. My question, then, is why my wallet extension correctly reports my UST balance as $10.20, although the PROVIDE page displays a UST balance of only $6.90. Anchor’s dashboard app correctly calculates my overall value too, which is like $10 in ANC and $10 in UST, equating to $20 something.
I don’t understand why there is that discrepancy, however. Am I overlooking some kind of fee that is, essentially, artificially limiting my UST, or?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.25 04:25 jhonatansmel Achooooooo

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2021.09.25 04:25 SouperStoopid ATER set to plummet! Should be good for others

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