Mail Call Chronos Gift to Pops

2021.09.25 06:19 Figment_of_your Mail Call Chronos Gift to Pops

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2021.09.25 06:19 beingbond [Mass effect][Spoilers]Why there was a huge outcry about Mass effect trilogy ending?

It came to my notice that there was a huge outcry or hatred against the devs about how Mass effect ended. Correct me if I am wrong but the articles point out that it was a huge outcry.
I completed the game last week and have played all 4 ending and while Synthesis and Reaper control were my favourite, I didn't hated the other two a lot. So why was there a outcry . In my opinion Mass effect Trilogy have great endings.
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2021.09.25 06:19 csbsju_guyyy PSA: THERE ARE SCAMMERS IN THE SUBREDDIT BE CAREFUL AND DON'T LOSE $50 LIKE ME :( ....#@)$@ I'm dumb

You can see my post looking for tickets, I had a user reach out, Rosechetney. I, like an idiot, didn't look at their post history before agreeing to Zelle them $50 for 2 supporters section tickets.
They had me send payment to Natalie Gainey, email
I am an absolute idiot and am out $50 I honestly kind of need right now.
Please be careful when buying or selling here. There are people who take your money and run. I've NEVER had any issues buying or selling here before, so this really makes me sad.
Don't think I'll be going to the game, gonna give the tix I do have to those friends and just watch from home as I didn't budget for throwing $50 away :'(
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2021.09.25 06:19 submarine55 Anyone want too meet up or know any good spots?

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2021.09.25 06:19 moonbeam127 Slightly irritated

I know its not a huge deal but I'm a bit upset. My kids started sending out halloween postcards, because honestly thats what KIDS do- we ordered some fun ones from amazon and some fall/halloween stickers and out they are going. Who knows what address you are going to pull- domestic can take 3 days, china/russia/ belize etc can take 4 months.
So we seem to sent to a cranky old bitty who posts some random picture of her town (which she does often on her 'wall') and posts that 'she does NOT celebrate halloween' she going to enjoy the rest of summer, things move to fast, we are too early and btw wear your seatbelt and be safe.
it all rubs me the wrong way- why go through all that nonsense, just dont post a pic of the card, register it, dont register it, but to post a random pic of your city and berate the sender is pointless.
in all the years of postcrossing this is the first truly rude person i've encountered.
I feel like this person just does not get the whole 'different countries, different cultures, different AGES' concept of postcrossing.
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2021.09.25 06:19 Narendra447 About Wevpn Giveaway

Hey Tom I hope you are checking your Reddit, I want to test WeVpn in my area and I won a month of WeVpn in this subreddit so please do check your messages. Thank you
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2021.09.25 06:19 ememhey Montana de la Rosa & Andrea Lee

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2021.09.25 06:19 LifeFindsaWay411 Hello fellow adventurers, looking for wisdom, and guidance to bring more depth to my main...

Hi all, I'm attempting to build a character loosely based on myself, one that I can really dive into and honestly build on forever... I'm not a stranger to roleplaying, but I'm a relative noob to the endless lore and possibilities of DND. I'd be humbly, and eternally grateful for any advice on how to add to the dimensions of my character.
p.s. I'm aware this topic may get completely ghosted and burned to the ground, but figured I'd try anyway haha...
Ren Bael
his mother, Sarah Bael, a human woman of nobility, an athlete, a pianist... a beacon of grace, tenderness, and empathy. A mage practicing in the art of light, and shadow. A quintessential maternal figure not only to Ren as his the mother, but also as the oldest of her siblings. She is also the only of her siblings to leave the comforts of her family's kingdom.
his father, Warrick Bael, a Wood Elf, a successful bard in his youth, a reluctant folk hero to many in his old age. Warrick is a stodgy deep thinker who enjoys his life of seclusion, but also emanates a true warmth, assurance, and guidance to those who really know him. Warrick raised Ren heavily on the concepts of truth, knowledge, humor, and the power of art and enlightenment. Fluid in his teachings of dieties from Oghma to Ilmater.
From an early age, Warrick instilled a firm understanding in Ren to always be one step ahead, never be fooled, and most importantly never BE the fool... Warrick is a guild artisan now by trade.... he works slowly and happily at his own pace where he enjoys his life of relative seclusion with his wife. You can usually find him these days bird watching.
now to the character in question
Ren Bael
Half Elf Rogue
I know Ren is a rogue, albeit more of a rake than a rebel... but I don't know how to take it deeper... The Who, what, why? so to speak... maybe a less than successful bounty hunter with an affinity for disguise, A bard working the nightshift at the local dwarven dive?
SOS help me bring this character to life...
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2021.09.25 06:18 Squindexius Us gamers have 3 SIDES

Discord: bullying people online
Reddit: bullying people online
Twitter: bullying people online but dum dum
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2021.09.25 06:18 SmokeandMirrors8 That is my tier list! Every single song is thoroughly ranked. Any thoughts?

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2021.09.25 06:18 Rising_Sunflower Why do superheroes wear tights?

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2021.09.25 06:18 Illustrious-Owl6009 This is it 🙃

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2021.09.25 06:18 epiphinoooo8 Regression modelling in geogebra

In geogebra, some regression models simply don't work. No red regression line next to your trendline, equation for the model comes up with '?', as does the r2 value. What does this mean?
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2021.09.25 06:18 Intfamous Plastic money %90 as valuable as real fiat

There I was, minding my own business, going to the shop, then something on the floor caught my eye. It was a 5p coin, took me a few secs to decide whether I should pick it up or leave it.
Me and a friend used to work in a bar and we would always pick up any coins we would come across, as a way to "boost" our luck when it came to getting tips.
So I picked it up, feeling superstious about the potential luck boost it would give me.
Upon closer inspection I realised it was fake, cause it said "Play Money" on the back of it. It was also plastic.
So I kinda got trolled. Later I wanted to tell my friend about this so I searched google for play money to show him a photo to go along with the story. I discovered that these things cost around 4.50 for 100 coins. Which means the plastic play money is %90 as valuable as real fiat.
Bullish? Proof we're early? Idk, but I thought I'd share this funny/ironic situation with you fellow crypto degenerates.
Btw this happened a few days ago, around the time BTC started dipping. So far it hasn't bled too much, maybe it did deliver some luck?
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2021.09.25 06:18 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Purple Mainframe] [Standard Yellow] [Cristiano]

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2021.09.25 06:18 delicioussorange MALAI KOFTA | Kofta Curry | ALMOND MALAI KOFTA BALLS in Rich Creamy Gravy [1 views]

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2021.09.25 06:18 NewsElfForEnterprise LAUSD, LA Teachers Reach Tentative Deal To Keep Kids Learning In Case Of Quarantine Or Fire-Related Closure

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2021.09.25 06:18 QOVES_Studio Glowup advice, tips ticks and habits that helped you look better

For our video next week, I'm going to be rating glow up, looks-maxing, and self-improvement advice from all over the web, so why don't you all drop some here for us to cover!
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2021.09.25 06:18 mr_no_op What is the best way to survive your last year of highschool ?

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2021.09.25 06:18 scawwydwake before, three weeks, three months! septorhino

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2021.09.25 06:18 u-copycat 40+ JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS

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2021.09.25 06:18 mazquito Wurm collection

Hey everyone! I'm wondering if anyone knows of, or has, a comprehensive list of ALL the wurms in MTG. I've been searching and searching. Some lists have helped me find more, and some lists don't have wurms that I have. I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.
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2021.09.25 06:18 u-copycat Open Source: My first Pull Request

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2021.09.25 06:18 SingleDadPNW 29 m4f come over

Had a long week, honestly just want someone to come over and snuggle. Probably a super long shot but what the hell. Pics on profile, I live in puyallup.
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2021.09.25 06:18 Nikkisixxqueen6869 Looking for fun

Anyone in Florida looking to have a 3some
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