Glad i got theses two never to be restocked

2021.09.25 06:06 Lifes_2short_2care Glad i got theses two never to be restocked

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2021.09.25 06:06 Insatiablecannabista Is anyone else experiencing this item not showing up during cut scenes?

I purchased the digital deluxe edition because I thought the digital deluxe staff looked cooler than the wooden one that Kena normally carries.
However I've noticed that during every single cut scene it shows the wooden staff, as if it was the one I had equiped instead of the digi deluxe staff when I went into the cut scene.
Is anyone else experiencing this as well, or is it just me?
And then secondly is there any chance someone knows why it shows the wooden staff instead of the silver digital deluxe staff?
I personally wish it would show the staff you have equiped when you go into cut scenes, because it breaks the continuity of the game.
I'm walking around using a silver staff that I paid extra to get, and have show up in the game while I played, and then my character suddenly swaps it out for the wooden staff just before a cut scene?
Nah, she would continue to use the silver staff she has been using the entire rest of the time, she wouldn't switch to a different staff just for cut scenes.
That's why I think it breaks continuity.
I really wish they would fix it so the right staff shows up during cut scenes. Otherwise what was the point in me paying for a staff that I can't even see during the best parts of the game?
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2021.09.25 06:06 DoctorGlorious Years ago, when Dandelion's twitter was still available to see, they posted the tracks that inspired some shapers. This song was Faris's direct inspiration.

Years ago, when Dandelion's twitter was still available to see, they posted the tracks that inspired some shapers. This song was Faris's direct inspiration. submitted by DoctorGlorious to dawngate [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 06:06 Smeeizme Time to tell you all what this whole puzzle is all about!!! I’ve finally gotten SDI’s attention, my credit can’t be taken for this so here we go!

First of all, I’d like to thank u/_Dominoski_ for helping me with a couple puzzle pieces, now let’s get onto it. So, using the puzzle pieces I found “RVDARLAUQPUWUECOQPCZQLJSICLWFHWXVVLAKVCUG”, and the by hand I tried different ciphers until I used the Viginere Cipher which finally worked, and gave me “ONLYDISCOBROCCOLIKNOWSTHEFUTUREOFTHISSTORY”. I have made contact with SDI and will be getting the scoop on what the Broccoli knows that we don’t. Stay tuned (I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to share what the broccoli knows immediately after I’m told)
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2021.09.25 06:06 mobile343 Kior, No.1 laser hair removal for sensitive skin - Free Global Shipping and 50$ off with code: Kior50 (Code is Valid only for 2 days)

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2021.09.25 06:06 yourballcourt TIFU by getting pepper burn on my dick

No, I did not fuck the pepper.
Ok, maybe I fucked the pepper, but that's not what this story is about.
Today I was making dinner using a new pepper from my garden. I don't know what they were, but they were small and red, so I tried them before I decided to use them in dinner. I like spice, but just one seed on my tongue had me in some pain. These peppers were hot! I spent a few minutes with some milk and ice before I continued cooking.
So I went to deseed the pepper and chop it up. I went to wash up, and got distracted by my wife calling me from the shower. I went in to talk to her and decided it was a good time for a piss. I even thought about it as I took my grip to aim, but I figured the washing I had done was enough... It wasn't.
At first, there was a little tingle: a little bit cooling like a mint soap or some Goldbond powder. Before too long the sensational tingle switched to Icy Hot heat. I told my wife I needed her to hurry out of the shower so I could get in and take care of it. She was wrapping up, but by now I'm burnin! I tried soap, and I tried easing into the shower stream, but every time the water hits it, it burns and it hurts like hell! My wife brought in an icepack koozie which worked pretty well, but I knew this was an only temporary relief. I needed to wash to get the oil off. At this point, my dick is turtling back because it's in an ice pack, so I rub some soap on there, and it just feels like its getting worse. About 30 seconds into the shower, I shut off all the hot water hoping the cold will bring relief. I turn toward the now warm stream and man, it's so painful that I yelled and recoiled. I realize that it's spreading to a larger area. My hands must still have oil on them. I've got my face in the water testing temperature as it coolsand trying to get a little relief. As soon as it's cold I stand up and thrust my hips forward to start feeling something resembling a bit of relief. Water's running down my face, and so I react and rub my eyes...
TL;DR I got pepper seed oil on my dick when I peed.
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2021.09.25 06:06 SnorgesLuisBorges Ethan singing improvised versions of R Kelly's "Do You Have Your Passport?" is some of the funniest stuff on the podcast and if you don't agree, ♬ woooould you like to come with me outside and fight it oooouuuuttttt! ... And figggght it ooooooOooOoOuuutt!♬

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2021.09.25 06:06 ExoticPineNut anybody know what the *spoiler* upgrade does

flashlight upgrade
because it doesnt work for me and sick of wondering what it does
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2021.09.25 06:06 RobokittenAnimations Redstone Lamp ( Banana for Scale )

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2021.09.25 06:06 tacosdetripa How do I access my modem C4000xg, when I lost the default password?

I need access to my modem but I removed the sticker with the default admin user and password a while back and lost it. I believe there is no generic username and password for the C4000xg?
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2021.09.25 06:06 DilutedNonsense Should get me through the next week and a bit. Happy noddin ✌️

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2021.09.25 06:06 blinkhic Thanos is coming!

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2021.09.25 06:06 kilogttam Does anyone have crab on the menu right now? If so, how and why?

We've always sold crab cakes at a loss but the owner of the place I work just adjusted the price for the ridiculously inflated prices since they don't seem the be falling any time soon and now they're $99. Ninety-fucking-nine dollars. We're paying over $600 for 12 1lb cans. This seems absolutely insane to me and I think we should just stop selling it but the owner is kind of just shrugging it off.
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2021.09.25 06:06 Blackriver_Handmade Fumo commission: Mystia Lorelei (Food stall ver.)

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2021.09.25 06:06 FunnySwordfish1647 Is she a narcissist?

My gf comes from two parents she diagnosed as narcissist. In the very beginning sex and affection was wild. Now it's vanilla as can be and often in positions we don't face one another. When it happens at all. What started as a heavy sex life has turned to me jerking off most nights.
When my kids are over and come in and run straight to their room to play. She is instantly angry and the whole weekend she doesn't want to be around them. She shit talks them behind their backs to me constantly. My kids aren't perfect, but they aren't "monsters". She constantly critiques my parenting.
But the negativity.. Not every time.. but many times when I introduce an idea for our business it is met with skepticism. We read on the law of attraction.. but she is constantly bringing negative thoughts, energy, and malice into what we do. With our NPO she told me it was good I didn't speak to a client because I "mansplain". For the record I am good at what I do because I am a genuinely nice person who stays in my own lane. She can't hold on to a job and quits because the rest of the workforce is "against her".
When I asked about Mansplaining or when she says I'm doing it. I asked her tell me about the topic. She didn't know about it. I retorted it is then known as explaining.
I'm not perfect. I work a 12 step program and know my defects. I have control issues and can have an ego. Hell I may even be on the Narc spectrum. I've done a lot of work and am proud of my progress. Fortunately we preach progress not perfection I just need some help because I'm having sleepless nights. We have had a lot of good things happening this week, and yet one thing sent her into a fit of negativity that sent me over the edge. No matter how much encouragement or glass half full statements I made nothing stopped the negativity onlaught. I snapped. I'm sure I have a part I have played. Because the narrative wasn't on the consistent negativity but how my response was unacceptable. I often brush things aside to my own detriment and get mad over a small thing because other stuff piled up. I have been trying to communicate these concerns I have with her but nothing has changed.
I love her.. I don't know to do or think..
Is she a narcissist? Am I?
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2021.09.25 06:06 geniuspig2986 The Taliband, dooters of Afghanistan

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2021.09.25 06:06 Reagent_52 They actually said everyone clapped oh my God.

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2021.09.25 06:06 Swiftercat My lamp has a lightbulb holder

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2021.09.25 06:06 Altruistic_Reindeer9 Trading neon fly ride brown bear for 5 bears and neon glyptondon for 5 glyptondons!

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2021.09.25 06:06 KarmaFuhrer 3/3

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2021.09.25 06:06 Depressedbadger97 Is ladder logic even ever used?

Im in technical school (i know "haha loser" and all that) and I was wondering if ladder logic is ever used IRL.
I made a post on here that got downvoted for... asking questions, and I explained my class and was told ladder logic is "archaic" and ive been told its useless and EVERYTHING im learning in my technical courses is useless and so on. We use ladder logic to wire up electrical controls, its also required before im allowed to take the PLCs course (prolly useless too, everythings just useless) which I heard uses ladder logic.
I was also wondering if like, ive been playing with arduinos lately, (I know... its for noobs and people who dont REALLY understand coding in assembly and blah blah ive heard it all...) but I was wondering if it would help me understand a PLC in anyway... prolly not.... everything is just useless.
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2021.09.25 06:06 prototype795 Help me choose

I have the option of choosing Thorn, Symmetry, Erianas Bow. I don’t really care for pvp just want something fun for pve
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2021.09.25 06:06 CornmanC For a few snapshots back in 2019, horse patterns were transparent

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2021.09.25 06:06 SymplySpax Version Problem....?

I keep getting "Error data loading,try again" everytime i try downloading......what might be the problem,...?version
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2021.09.25 06:06 OF_angel Got my first ever Teddy Fresh item!! I’m in love

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