VEIST and Suros are the only weapon manufacturers that only have 1 exotic weapon each. Maybe it's time to bring them more?

2021.09.25 04:42 eddmario VEIST and Suros are the only weapon manufacturers that only have 1 exotic weapon each. Maybe it's time to bring them more?

And for those who don't believe me...

Tex Mechanica:
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2021.09.25 04:42 Lopsided-Film-9173 Capas e Ilustrações Especiais #71

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2021.09.25 04:42 ChanceBlender The “I’ve done my research” quiz

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2021.09.25 04:42 LuisSilva27 [FOR HIRE] [Illustration/Fanart/Portrait/Character design] Opening commission slots. Starts at 30$ Contact me if you are interested!

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2021.09.25 04:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 04:42 ethereum88 Well said. It's sad that China citizens are missing out on ETH, DeFi, NFTs. Banning cryptos = Huge mistake.

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2021.09.25 04:42 alternatekicks87 Motivation

I sometimes struggle to find motivation to do anything in my life. I am so tired and I don't think I want to keep going. I am supposed to be doing better in my job but if I get fired so what? What's the point in succeeding? It makes no difference in the end so I might as well just not try and find the easiest path to death.
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2021.09.25 04:42 -TheBloodiestLegend- Do it

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2021.09.25 04:42 cricketorroach In the market for a new SAD light, what are you using?

Thinking about upgrading from my small phillips blue-light to a larger and potentially more effective light. I'm throwing everything I have at this winter to see if I can make it a good one. There seem to be alot of options out there, including carex and northern lights on the high-end of things. My budget is between $100-200 US.
What are you using? Do you like it?
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2021.09.25 04:42 omegacluster Thollem & Nik Francis - Particles of Action (free jazz) [2020]

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2021.09.25 04:42 -_-________________ Why is this game so laggy / stuttery now?

People are lagging through the ball like 5 times per game, and it's not on my side as they're mentioning it too. It's even visible on replays sometimes. I also get random fps drops now, was never a problem earlier :/ wtf happened?
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2021.09.25 04:42 crazeerunner10 Dear SDS: Goldschmidt or Arenado cards.

Could we please get at least 1. As a cardinals fan, I would love a viable first or third baseman. Hoping for a Goldy September rewards player or new Arenado
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2021.09.25 04:42 CorruptedLilDaughter Good Morning!

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2021.09.25 04:42 jjasi_1124 Best Gun/Fire/Steam Effects Help

Does anyone know the best place to go to get gun muzzle effects, fire effects, and steam effects to use in Final Cut Pro? I’m sort of newish to Final Cut Pro and tried searching, but I’m not sure which one would be the best. I’m looking for something that will look good with 4K HDR (I shot the video with an iPhone 12 Pro). My preference would be free of course, but I don’t mind paying for them, i just was hoping to not have to pay another $100 for a few effects.
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2021.09.25 04:42 H2oaDdIcTlol Getting rid of unwanted fish

This is a touchy topic but one that needs to be talked about. Someone i know got two fish at a pet store and ended up not taking care of them properly. The fish somehow ended up in my care and I’m contemplating my options. The fish are a very cheap animal (0-50 cents) and people buy them thinking that they don’t need much care and then they grow up to be a football. As a fisherman, i don’t want these fish in the local ecosystems since its irresponsible and very illegal. Ive found nowhere to give them to and have no options. They will eventually outgrow their tank and have nowhere to go. The main question i had was, is euthanasia of a healthy animal the way to go when one has no other options? I don’t want them going into a tank that is too small and that they’ll die in a week. I’d like to hear you all’s opinions.
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2021.09.25 04:42 Aclamendo Carrier N.A.C. Pikes Peak is buying Agronomic Treatment in Dheneb

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2021.09.25 04:42 hatsunemiku608 🏳️‍🌈 Desabafo de uma trans 🏳️‍🌈

Bem.... Vou começar sendo direta eu não quero dizer minha idade e vou me chamar de miku ok...👍🏻
Bom lá estava eu 2010 sentada na cama pego meu celular e ligo para minha amiga dizendo "- fraui eu sou... Suspiro eu quero falar com você.. bem eu me descobri trans mas... desliga call" eu tinha ficado com muita vergonha de me assumir porque.. bom sei lá jovens sabe...
No outro dia ela me ligou e questionou o porquê de eu ter desligado a call então eu digo "-
Miku : -bom...
Fraui : -eu sou sua melhor amiga pode me assumir tudo..
Miku : - tá eu queria falar sobre você de eu ser trans.. , Mas meu pais meus tios não gostam NADA!! dessa ideia e isso me deixa muito triste de eu não poder ser eu mesma e isso não é um bom sentimento depois de escutar meu tio falando que gays e lgbtqia + deveriam morrer eu fiquei vazia..
Bem 2021 e eu não me assumir , Comecei a namorar e tauz... Então , Bem não foi bem um desabafo foi mais uma história mais eu tentei desculpa.. e boa noite boa tarde e bom dia ✊🏿🏳️‍🌈✊🏻
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2021.09.25 04:42 Ctrl_Shift_Cry FLOAM

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2021.09.25 04:42 Direct_Mission Got mooned on a delivery 25 characters

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2021.09.25 04:42 pedrosanpedro Anti-vax rant - I just want beer

Just went to Misson St Liquor in Westside and, after a long week, I really didn't need to be ranted at by the maskless twat behind the counter about vaccine mandates, I just wanted beer. I suggest that, should you want to grab something to drink without having to put up with bullshit that you look elsewhere
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2021.09.25 04:42 SignificanceDapper51 Remember the old man in squid game

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2021.09.25 04:42 TheArt_Nerd "No Sneezing"

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2021.09.25 04:42 xcitor YSL.IO is hiring Senior Solidity Developer / CTO

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2021.09.25 04:42 EbbyRed Position player pitching alert: Alcantrara (Cubs) comes in to face the Cardinals with 2 outs in the 6th.

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2021.09.25 04:42 kalmecimlu Aliexpress Coupon First Order

Here is the Aliexpress Coupon First Order
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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