W-what? | /u/Brugmoment23

2021.09.25 06:09 Bot_Highlights W-what? | /u/Brugmoment23

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2021.09.25 06:09 applekaw19 COUGH gravitonium COUGH. But would still be true of course.

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2021.09.25 06:09 IONIQ-5 Is it worth pursuing Masters for CS?

I'm now studying computer science degree in a 'tier3' college. Halfway through. Am wondering if I should pursue Masters after this, or not? I don't know if they'll worth the effort, but I've come across some people who've done Masters, so that's why I'm curious
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2021.09.25 06:09 Tariqabdullah [Rolex] is this real?

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2021.09.25 06:09 uzzol33 TokenTanks

#DeFi #Gaming #NFTs #PlaytoEarn #P2E #Ethereum #NFTGaming #TankUp #TankArmy #TokenTanks #NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaway #NFTCollector Carries creative information about the project that will be the best in the coming days.This project will be a good platform for everyone
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2021.09.25 06:09 AtLeastNotVanity I’m not happy

Hey guys, is it OK to not want to go to a top uni? Like it doesn’t make me happy at all when I get good grades, I just feel anxious and stressed.
I’m applying to Oxford and I got my predicted grades early, and they were great, 777 HL and 44. The one point is due to a shitty teacher who gave me a 6 predicted even though I achieved straight 7s. But I just had a mental break down because I have had way too many assignments and due dates to think about. My personal statement, Ee final, Econ IA, English IO, math IA draft, and quizzes and coursework all in one week. I’m having mental breakdowns on a daily basis and am not a human being anymore. I barely sleep at night or exercise. I’m falling behind on all my coursework. I’m not happy at all. I’m an Indian international student and likely won’t get into any top uni I apply to because of AA and international quotas.
Why am I working so hard? I feel so dead. I just want to go to a uni that is chill, a cheap one in Europe maybe with easy immigration policies and just have a decent balance of work and life. I don’t need a 1000000 dollar salary, I just want some general happiness, being able to go out and travel. I’m so jealous of some of the adults I know because they don’t even work, they are just supported by their spouses money and have all the time in the world to have fun. I resent when my parents blast the TV in the next room while I work because I’m so jealous.
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2021.09.25 06:09 Bot_Highlights How wasn't this at least a double KO? Juiciest no-reg or just lag? | /u/blagoonga123

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2021.09.25 06:09 No_Philosophy4199 In need of a "penpal"

Hello! My mom is Brazilian and we've recently stopped talking to her (for u related reasons) -- if anyone has a snapchat that we can send recorded messages to each other I would love that I just really dont want my portugese ability to die
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2021.09.25 06:09 Skotck Girl help: Can't tell if the girl I like is gay

Sup Redditors, need some assistance here. I'm starting to like this girl and we've been hanging out alot in (4th yr uni) biology, we're supposed to hangout here over the weekend for a "study session" though we will see how the rest of the day turns out. But the thing that has me worried is that I check her Facebook page, and she has her account set to "interested in women" though all other media and talking to her tells no signs of the possibility of her being gay.
So my question is: How can I tell if she is gay or not? Is there a subtle question I could ask that could provide me enough info to make a proper judgment without seeming like I'm asking her straight up "are you gay?"?
-Thanks in advance😎👍
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2021.09.25 06:09 sin-and-love Homebrew Race concept: Flyfolk (3rd draft)

more-or-less-humanoid flies.
Size: Small.
25ft. movement for both walking and flying, but when flying they're unable to move in a straight line for more than 10ft, and they are unable to fly at all while wearing heavy or medium armor.
+3 to Dexterity (no subraces)
Bottom Of the Food Chain: You have disadvantage on Saves vs Fear and Charm effects. [because of how easily deceived flies are by traps laid out by hungry predators and annoyed humans]
Annoying Reflexes: When targeted by an attack roll, they can roll a d12, causing the attack to miss automatically on a roll of 1. [I'm fully aware of how incredibly powerful this single ability is, which is why I'm trying to think of mor weaknesses to give them to balance things out]
Ideas for a more creative race name would be appreciated, as would other ideas for weaknesses.
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2021.09.25 06:09 lightbulb2494 Have you came across narcissistic people working in positions of power within the mental health industry?

Just wondering if yous have came across narcissistic people who work in the mental health industry and how did they treat people or treat you? What kind of traits did these people show and do you think there are people like this who can fool others that work with them into thinking they're good people who have the client/patient's best interests at heart? Maybe therapists, psychiatrists, admin, management or other.
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2021.09.25 06:09 rm125_rider Have you ever lost your job and why?

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2021.09.25 06:09 ChrissyLove13 Going to the hospital

Thinking of going to the hospital. I do believe I'm in the midst of a nervous breakdown. Googling my symptoms did not help. I'm so fatigued and can barely eat. Can't bring myself to do household chores or to even shower. Had to drink today to cope with my anxiety. This is just not normal. Just broke down in front of my son. Told him I might have to go away. Told him he's the love of my life and I'm so sorry. I have to do it this time.
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2021.09.25 06:09 Anonymous_v8 Anyone wanna play minecraft?

Im playing bedrock edition on xbox one if it helps to know.
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2021.09.25 06:09 _Raro Which of these is a real country? (No cheating)

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2021.09.25 06:09 littlekalle [PS4]H:q ffr fms enclave plasma.W:offers

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2021.09.25 06:09 woven_hearts Can someone please help me id this mushroom?

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2021.09.25 06:09 Trixie0 Can we really blame Fallon?

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2021.09.25 06:09 TheHeroicHero Another one down. First time playing this series had a blast 100% it.

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2021.09.25 06:09 hogw33d What completely corny thing are you a total sucker for?

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2021.09.25 06:09 Darth_Smaull The Warrior has the spirit of Obi-Wan.

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2021.09.25 06:09 ppopgis 11:09 pm

I just want to slit my wrists and die idk I’m so tired and annoyed and done
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2021.09.25 06:09 iiCxssalii dumf beypoard

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2021.09.25 06:09 JAISETHI31 100% OFF | Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 for Beginners

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2021.09.25 06:09 randompenguin24 college recommendation for b arch

hello, what are some of the good colleges to do b.arch in bangalore, mangalore and in whole of karnataka ? someone i know from a different state wants to join for b.arch here preferably in management since their score wasn't upto mark. what is the procedure to join in ? only nata score gets accepted or is there anything else to prepare for ? please help
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