hmm nephew dale get INSPIRATION from NEPHEW NIGEL

2022.01.17 22:47 aloklokhande hmm nephew dale get INSPIRATION from NEPHEW NIGEL

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2022.01.17 22:47 XIIOIX The loving vs hating superego

Recently, I have come across the distinction between a hating/persecutory and loving/nurturing superego in literature from numerous clinicians. Could anyone expand on this? I am confused on how something could be authoritarian and imperative but still loving.
The short-term dynamic therapy school writes on this frequently. They describe the loving ego: "the development of a healthy and loving superego occurs when the bond of attunement, compassion and empathy are maintained. This creates an internalized flexible, constructive, and loving object relationship with the self. The healthy superego has the following characteristics or functions: It realistically praises, supports, values and encourages knowing one's feelings; it encourages autonomy and free choice; it empathizes with disappointment and failure, and takes constructive action in the face of failure; it supports empathy and consideration for the rights of others which conflict with freedom of the self."
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2022.01.17 22:47 Iampathologist Pls help. Can you rank these pathology programs

  1. Boston Medical center
  2. Mountsinai Morning side-west
  3. Northwell staten island
  4. Uni of south Florida Morsani
  5. Temple University hospital
  6. Uni of Kentucky
  7. Suny Downstate
  8. UTHSC San Antonio
  9. Loma Linda University Health
  10. UMass Chan Baystate
  11. University of California San Diego (UCSD)
  12. Danbury Hospital
  13. East Carolina Uni
  14. Westchester Medical Center
  15. Hartford Hospital
  16. Creighton University
  17. Wayne Detroit Medical Center
  18. Ascension St john Hospital
  19. East Tennessee State university
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2022.01.17 22:47 Jordantheone1 first few months welding

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2022.01.17 22:47 engnr86 Machine Learning

Better off with an M1 Max or a P17 decked out?
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2022.01.17 22:47 SkaryGuie I named my kid Bruce Campbell (last name)...

and he's the coolest fuckin kid ever. Named after Bruce Willis and Bruce Campbell, also has a famous last name AND was born on Elvis' birthday. Two cool for school, times 2.
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2022.01.17 22:47 baumanig Ultrasound Question

How far along is it normal to have a first ultrasound? I had my first prenatal appointment at 9 weeks 3 days, and it lasted 45 minutes with the nurse asking questions, getting my weight, and taking a BP. Then she explained my next appt will be with my doctor when I'll be 10 weeks 5 days, who will do a full assessment and use the fetal doppler to get a heartbeat. Only if she cant get a heartbeat, they will do an ultrasound. Basically the first time they will do an ultrasound will be the 18-20 week anatomy scan as long as my doctor can find the heartbeat with a doppler.
My partner and I paid for a private ultrasound at 8 weeks just to hear the heartbeat for peace of mind but I was also expecting to have a more thorough ultrasound during my doctors appointment in the first trimester. Is it weird that I won't have a first ultrasound until 18-20 weeks for the anatomy scan? It feels very weird to me to not lay eyes on the baby until then but then again this is my first pregnancy so I don't fully know what to expect.
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2022.01.17 22:47 rmd117 Is this algorithm or am I really just that unattractive to women in my own province/country?

I'm from Ontario Canada (guy obviously) -
I basically get no matches here with my distance even set to 100km
The other day I got bumble premium and tried switching location to other countries and I started getting way more matches, changing to Mexico I got like 60 matches in a day and pretty much all of them messaged me, it was eye opening
I just don't understand why I get ZERO matches here, and yes I've tried deleting my account and remaking it, still nada
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2022.01.17 22:47 Sam135780 Class trade

Anyone in PSYC 235 section 501 this is willing to trade for PSYC 235 section 500?
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2022.01.17 22:47 ProfessorLovely A Supersonic Angel. Art by Yui Karasuno

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2022.01.17 22:47 Gold-Ant-622 VIP pass for sale!

Hey all! I am selling my VIP pass! One of my friends decided to get married at the same time so I sadly cannot attend LIB this year.
Is anyone looking to buy one? I’m willing to sell for $700!
Be well✨
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2022.01.17 22:47 Manperapp Após sugerir veto ao Carnaval, governador do Rio de Janeiro canta em evento gospel lotado (VÍDEO)

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2022.01.17 22:47 JustKiddingDear Import/Export KDE Connect settings including commands

Is it possible to Backup and Import/Export KDE Connect Settings on Android and on Linux?
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2022.01.17 22:47 trashcollins 😋

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2022.01.17 22:47 GiltPeacock Opulent Safehouse

So I just discovered this sub and I'm so glad there's somewhere to put this stuff I have so many different Hatsu in my head. The character controlling it is called Gilligan Godfrey, he’s a Conjuror.
Name: Opulent Safehouse
Type: Conjuration
Basic Description: Conjures a large hotel building complete with amenities. Rooms can be conjured in separate locations, creating a long distance teleport effect between the individual room and hotel lobby for those with access. Associated abilities: Concierge Desk and Member’s Passcard.
Detailed description: This is a very powerful, large scale Hatsu only made possible due to its specific limitations. Godfrey summons a ten story hotel building in a space large enough to contain it. It’s surrounded by a pleasant garden and a walled perimeter with a large gate. The hotel has protective Nen that can prevent trespassing and withstand a formidable armed assault for some time before breaking down. A powerful Nen user or a group of Nen users are likely to be able to punch through in a few minutes depending on their level. The hotel has a fluctuating number of rooms each with their own quality level. There’s a basement with multiple generators to keep everything running, edible food stocks, two bars, a billiards room, two pools, a spa, a gym, a business center (Hunter's website access), a control room and a first aid center. There are eight elevators and numerous dumb waiters and secret passageways aside from two main staircases. Sleeping in a hotel bed stimulates the residents natural healing.
The hotel’s various Special Rooms give it a strange appearance, as if dozens of discrete structures were piled on top of each other. One room looks like a log cabin, another looks like a fancy suite, another like a western saloon, another like a beautiful pagoda. These rooms can be conjured separately from the main body of the hotel. When conured this way, they can be given one of three abilities: A Zetsu room allows users within to be as undetectable as if they were using Zetsu even if they aren't; A healing room has the healing benefits from the main hotel; a Fortified room has the defensive benefits of the main hotel.
The associated power Member's Passcard is required for the functionality of the hotel and so isn't really a separate Hatsu. Godfrey conjures what looks like a small business card holder, and then presents a template to someone who wants to enter the hotel. The prospective tenant must be a Nen-user for this to work, as they put as much aura as they want into the template to create a new keycard. There are four levels of membership - White, Silver, Gold and Platinum depending on how much aura is given. The aura donated not only determines the quality of the tenant's lodgings, but will also be deducted from that user's maximum aura potential for the duration. For example, if Knuckle used APR on someone with a passcard, their bankruptcy number would be lower. Godfrey can return a passcard's aura to the donor if he's near them to not only return what they sent but grant a brief surge in power.
A passcard can be used to travel between one's room door and the hotel lobby even if their room is conjured elsewhere. A Gold or higher level passcard grants this power even to those who aren't the tenant of that room, as long as the tenant is the one who opens the door.
Additionally, the entire hotel serves as Godfrey's En and he can use his minor aptitude for manipulation to control aspects of the building. This is relatively small effects such as opening or closing a door, calling an elevator without using a button, programming a dumbwaiter, etc.
Finally there's the Concierge Desk power. Godfrey manifests a doorway on his body that takes up most of his torso and stomach. It opens into a service window just above the concierge desk in the lobby. This ability can only work within two miles of the hotel. As well as being an escape method for others, he can reach the hotel phone and pull it through the portal. Using the phone he can make announcements in the hotel or contact anyone holding a Passcard.
Restrictions: The limitations and conditions set on Safehouse are what make it possible.
First the standard conjuration requirements. Godfrey had to study for years to make this hatsu, designing and memorizing blueprints, becoming intimately familiar with materials, and spending a lot of time in the hotel of his family's business (which went under) to model the hatsu off of.
Secondly, a condition on the Member's Passcard ability. Upon the end of their tenancy, Members can choose to either get their aura back or permanently donate it to the hotel. If they donate it, their aura maximum returns to normal over a long length of time, but Godfrey can use the aura to improve the hotel permanently. Members with Platinum level cards donate enough Aura to create an entirely new Special Room which they have some creative control over, and can stay in whenever they like. Opulent Safehouse was considerably less impressive in its early days and its only thanks to generous and grateful Members that it is now so large.
Thirdly, conjuring the hotel or even a single room takes time and doesn't happen instantaneously. The full hotel requires about an hour of concentrating to create.
Finally, Godfrey chose to add the stipulation of Lasting Damage. This means that any harm that comes to the hotel will remain, even if dispelled and conjured again. Godfrey must repair it himself using either his own aura reserves or through donated aura from members.

So that's the power! I know that description is really long and that this is kind of a busted utility power, but it does have almost zero combat utility and is overall comparable to and less useful than Knov's Hide and Seek. The idea is that Godfrey is a cheerful hotelier who finds Hunters in the middle of a job who need rest and sanctuary, and enjoys surprising them with luxury. He's built up a loyal clientele over the years this way. Let me know what you think!
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2022.01.17 22:47 serenyreens How does one go about reporting an unemployment overpayment on my 2021 taxes?

Hi everyone! I have a question regarding an unemployment issue.
I was overpaid 3.6k in benefits in 2020, however, I was sent the notice in 2021 and I repaid it all in 2021. When I go about filing my taxes, is there anything I can do report the overpayment that I promptly paid back? I’m young and I’m really scared I’ll mess this up and get in trouble.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.17 22:47 Meliodas_600 Teen Leaked 🍑

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2022.01.17 22:47 MirandaCordelia I commissioned a series from my artist friend 💙 I love how she captured sweet bird, rage bird, and bird on a mission 💙

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2022.01.17 22:47 Ddt2099 Theory

I have a theory that for takamitchy to save Draken Emma Baji and possibly even shinichiro he’s gonna do a time leap with Hanma. Think about what Kisaki was about to say before he became roadkill he said HE wasn’t the timeleaper so he knows about it that would leave the question how does he know about it and where did he learn it from the obvious person is his right hand man HANMA that leaves him with the potential to be the other timeleaper and my theory if and takamitchi use each other to timeleaper and focus on what year to go to they can go back however many years they want most likely to the night shin died to stop kazutora and to the night kisaki died to save him since hanma will most likely want something on his side of the bargain. Then they might go back to their normal time or to the 12 year time after they drain themselves of their power and just be stuck to live out their lives without time travel and the story ends
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2022.01.17 22:47 Alpine_Life Are the Avs games blacked out with DirecTV’s NHL Center Ice package?

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2022.01.17 22:47 MmmNeapolitan How are people not getting the 1037 spoilers

Zunesha is a giant elephant that ate a devil fruit long ago, Zunesha is a being who ate a mythical elephant devil fruit, or the mysterious fruit is on Zou. That's all there is to it.
It's not Tama. It's not Luffy. It's exactly as Oda showed it. I don't understand how people are not getting something so obvious.
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2022.01.17 22:47 badandy80 Welcome to the Duolingo Diamond League Tournament

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2022.01.17 22:47 kksh129 How do I stop OnePlus ruining my photos!! Can someone please help me on how to prevent this from happening on all my pics.

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2022.01.17 22:47 Ornery-Plan-6632 DEFI ALL ODDS PRESALE GAME CHANGING PROJECT ⁃ BSC is trading and POLY/ETH presales are LIVE NOW 🟢 ⁃ Real utility & Real usecase ✅ ⁃ ShopDeFi platform launching FEB 1st! (This is huge)🔥

⁃ BSC is trading and POLY/ETH presales are LIVE NOW 🟢.
⁃ Real utility & Real usecase ✅.
⁃ ShopDeFi platform launching FEB 1st! (This is huge)🔥.
⁃ MetaVerse integration coming soon 🌐.
SHOP DEFI. ShopDeFi will be the portal to a new way of experiencing DeFi, by welcoming and incentivizing DeFi projects and influencers to use our platform as a hub to sell physical products and merchandise.ShopDeFi will also be home to limited collaborations between DeFi projects, influencers and streamers with anything from fashion and merchandise to NFT’s. Starting with DeFi energy and DeFiant merchandise.
🌎 Website.
🎥 Follow the Twitch stream!
📣 Telegram (most active social and current updates)
🐥 Twitter.
GO GO GO! 😈. 13% Flat taxes. Marketing 5%. Reflections 5%. Auto LP 3%.
Dump DeFier. DeFiant does collect a flat 13% (5% reflections, 5% marketing, and 3% liquidity) tax for every transaction on the blockchain which is split three ways, the contract also implements features never before seen in the DeFi space. This feature has a progressive tier system in which investors that dump get hit with higher sell tax fees and the diamond hand holders get 100% of the additional tax levied on the dumping wallet in static rewards. Additionally, the smart contract forces a 10 minute cool down period on the blockchain for any selling wallet to prevent multiple transactions in succession.
CONTRACTS. BSC - 0x1c3ec9455d4599584bba435a60536bd9bbd03fb0.
POLY - 0xf0829dc1f8522a48bfdd7d993e1b2d1ebd787fd1.
ETH - 0xf0829dc1f8522a48bfdd7d993e1b2d1ebd787fd1.
POLY & ETH contracts are the same address, but they are NOT connected. They are separate entities that work on different networks.
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2022.01.17 22:47 Top_Focus_4885 granny, take rest

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